Samsung Galaxy Note – S Pen Demo (Part 2)

Thanks, guys - for staying tuned to my YouTube channel or my blog for Part 2 of the S Pen demo. In case you haven't seen it, check out Part 1 of the S Pen demo on S Note on Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite upgrade here at Once again, just a brief intro:- Instead... Continue Reading →

Sunday Viral Videos

Here's a couple of great short videos for your Sunday enjoyment. "FROG Chill on a BENCH Like a Human" My colleague showed me this the other day. It made me laugh out loud. Literally. It's just a video of a frog, chilling. Didn't know a frog can sit like that.   "Hamster on a Piano"... Continue Reading →

“We’re Not Young” parody

It's been awhile since I updated the blog. So here's a little something funny to cheer you up. You know the song "We Are Young "? Here's a very funny parody to the song, celebrating not being young anymore. For those of you, like me, in your 30s and having the sense of humour to... Continue Reading →

YouTube redesigned

Yesterday, Google announced a new look for YouTube on their blog here. Now, YouTube will start to look more like their parent company, Google. Google is going through a massive round of cleanup lately. You remember when they changed Gmail to look cleaner with more white space and clean red and grey colours. Then, it... Continue Reading →

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