Nokia Lumia 925 User Review

*This device is a loaned review unit from Nokia Malaysia* After my last review of the Nokia Lumia 920, I was more comfortable with using a Windows Phone 8 smartphone. I like the WP8 OS and think it has a lot of potential, but far from being a strong competition to the iOS and Android... Continue Reading →

Nokia Lumia 625 Launched in Malaysia

Last Wednesday, Nokia Malaysia invited a bunch of bloggers to witness the launch of their most affordable LTE smartphone and biggest screen display yet - Nokia Lumia 625. With multiple Lumia range of smartphones from Nokia, the Finnish manufacturer continued to innovate with this Lumia 625 adding on more devices running Windows Phone 8 OS... Continue Reading →

Nokia Lumia 925 Launched in Malaysia

My first Windows Phone 8 review was just recently, with the Nokia Lumia 920. Although I really admire Nokia's consistency in producing excellent build quality in their devices, the underlying OS of Windows Phone 8 still has some ways to go in terms of app selection, navigation and integration with external services. See Also :... Continue Reading →

Nokia Lumia 920 User Review

*This device is a review unit from Nokia Malaysia I've had the Nokia Lumia 920 for almost 3 weeks now. This was an exciting review for me. I have previously played around with a Windows Phone before, but have never used it for anything longer than an hour. Swapping my SIM card from my  trusty... Continue Reading →

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