My History of Mobile Phones (Part 2)

Mobile phones. Mobile phones. Mobile phones. Gadgets like these have consumed my addiction so much, and I'm nowhere done yet. I am still going through phones like crazy. All this with my own hard earned money, not gifts or review phones that I got to keep. As the number of mobile phones I have owned... Continue Reading →

HTC One X User Review

I have been using the HTC One X as my primary phone since I got it 2 months ago. Read about my unboxing, first impression and physical comparison post HERE. It is indeed the much anticipated Android ICS superphone from HTC that I have been waiting for awhile. After using the phone for 2 months,... Continue Reading →

Unboxing HTC One X

In early April 2012, HTC Malaysia launched their latest Android flagship Smartphone - the HTC One series which includes HTC One X and HTC One V. At the roadshow held in Pavilion Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur, I rushed myself over after work one day to get my hands on the gorgeous device that I've... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Gadgets at MWC 2012

Mobile World Congress (MWC) happens in Barcelona every February of the year hosted by the GSM Association. It's a conference cum exhibition cum everything mobile from participants all over the world. Last year, we saw a whole bunch of Android tablet news. This year, it’s about quad core processors, Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich,... Continue Reading →

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