3rd Havana Halloween Costume Party 2012

Once again, another year, another successful annual Havana Halloween Costume Party. A lot of you got dressed in your awesome sauce Halloween costumes and made this another biggest Halloween Costume Party in KL!!! I've finally uploaded some pictures to my WinnieKepala Facebook Page  at http://on.fb.me/VUQIWK This is my 3rd year organising Havana's Halloween Costume Party. I'm... Continue Reading →

Sunday Viral Videos

Here's a couple of great short videos for your Sunday enjoyment. "FROG Chill on a BENCH Like a Human" My colleague showed me this the other day. It made me laugh out loud. Literally. It's just a video of a frog, chilling. Didn't know a frog can sit like that.   "Hamster on a Piano"... Continue Reading →

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