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About is known as “THE” Female Tech Blogger in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Post are mostly CONSUMER TECH related, with a side of Lifestyle related topics as well.

Awards & Recognition for Stats

Here are some basic stats on (as of Jan 2017) :-

Audience Demographics

  • Age : Majority 25-34 years old (47%)
  • Gender : 63% Female
  • Interest : Movies, Travel, News, Tech, Food

Monthly Website Statistics

2014 2015 2016

Monthly Traffic (Sessions)

18,500 / mth

14,000 / mth

13,000 / mth

Monthly Visitors (Users)

16,500 / mth

11,500 / mth

11,500 / mth

Monthly Pageviews

75,500 / mth

52,500 / mth

46,000 / mth

Social Media Following

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Advertising and Engagement

There are various ways you can engage :-

  • Paid / Sponsored Posts – Editorials, Advertorials, Sponsored posts, Guest Postings, etc
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate links, banners, videos, etc
  • Event Invitation and Coverage – Media announcements, blogger events, product launches, fam trips, workshops, etc
  • Product and Services Review – Gadget reviews, Online / App services review, restaurant reviews, etc
  • Social Network Postings / Advertising – Facebook (Page/Profile), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, etc
  • Guest Posting – You contributing posts to or WinnieKepala contributing posts to your site
  • Display / Text Advertising – header / leaderboard banner, sidebar banner, footer banner, other icons, widgets, links, etc

If you’re a potential client and want to engage me for any blog activities (eg, events, reviews, write-ups, sponsorships, advertising), email me at is managed by Interwebbr Services (002535213-P).

Winnie Chen-Head is also available for professional engagement as a Marketing Consultant, PR / Events / Blogger Relations OR as a Speaker / Host / Guest for your conference. For more info, visit

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