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About WinnieKepala.com

Winnie Chen-Head aka WinnieKepala is “THE” Female Tech Blogger in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I blog and vlog about all things tech for the non-tech savvy – news updates, gadget reviews, how-to guides and opinion posts.

I also write about other Lifestyle topics like Restaurant, Books or Movie Reviews, Social issues, Diving, Photography, Entertainment and Funnies. There are occasional rants under the Personal section with Journal entries and Girl Talks.

Here are 5 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about me:-

1. Why “WinnieKepala”?

If you’re Malaysian, you would notice that “kepala” means “head”. I got married in 2008 and my husband’s surname is – yes, you guessed it… “HEAD”.

It is an unusual surname, but I am proud to be “Mrs Kepala”.

Mrs Kepala since 2008

2. What do you really blog about?

I started to blog way back in 2009 and really was writing about anything and everything that I fancied.

Over time, I realised that I have so much more to say about tech and love to read and write about TECHNOLOGY News and stories. Then I was thankful to be offered gadgets to review. Today, I do paid and unpaid tech articles and reviews.

Mommy & #babyHEAD

Still, I didn’t want to stop writing about other things that mattered to me, too. Other than TECH, which is a huge part of my blog, I also write about restaurants I visit, entertainment stories I find interesting, and general life stuff like Fashion & Beauty and being a new mommy.

Oh yeah – I rant ocassionally about nothing.

3. Are you a full time blogger?

Yes and no. Over the years, I have been maintaining the blog in between juggling full time corporate jobs. So, sometimes I am a full time blogger (in between jobs), sometimes I’m not.

Blogging don’t pay the bills, it’s a passion project that I’ve kept up because I love gadgets and tech!

I love tech gadgets, and always will

And when I’m busy making money to pay my bills, you see my postings get so irregular that you might feel like giving up on me. If you don’t check the blog often, do know that I’m always active on Social Media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

4. Then, what is your day job?

I am a Marketing professional specializing in Tech, Media and Telco industries. Been working in tech startups & e-Commerce for a long time. So I’m really into tech.

In addition to juggling work and blogging, I also serve as a Marketing mentor to some local tech startups, do speaking engagements and do contractual Marketing and Commercial consulting projects. If you want to work with me in a professional capacity, check out WinnieChenHead.com

5. Do you accept blog advertising, sponsorship and other blog engagements?

Yes, I do. I have a passion to fill my blog with good and informative content, which includes my own content, event or news coverage, product reviews and other paid / sponsored posts.

For more info on how to engage me in advertising, reviews, sponsorship, guest posting, affiliate marketing or any other engagements, check out how you can work with me.

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I truly appreciate and want to thank all readers and followers for the support in my blog posts and YouTube videos.

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