Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge (Fire Noodle Challenge)

So many people talking about this Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge. Just go to YouTube and search for “Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge” and you’ll see about 110,000 results. Search “Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge Malaysia” and there’s about 14,000+ videos.

How can I not try this?

WinnieKepala - Samyang Spicy Korean Noodle
Found it in a Korean mini market nearby, and bought a pack of 5.

There’s another one of this Spicy Chicken flavoured Samyang Noodle, that came with Cheese (named 4+1) but I figured – why mask the original spicy-ness with cheese? Let’s go for the real deal, right?

WinnieKepala - Samyang Spicy Korean Noodle

As a lover of super spicy food, I gathered 2 other girlfriends who are crazy into super spicy like me, and we attempted the Spicy Korean Noodle (aka Fire Noodle) Challenge.

WinnieKepala - Samyang Spicy Korean Noodle

Doesn’t look too intimidating, with a watery sauce, and some sesame and seaweed flakes.

I usually eat crazy spicy Char Kuey Teow, and my favourite spicy instant noodle (to date) is the Cintan Mee Goreng Pedas.

*Image Source : FamousChris.com

I’m all set. Excited but all set. We’re ready to represent Malaysia. Here we go…

What do you think? Would you try it now?


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