Lenovo #TheaterMaxMY Contest Gives You RM 20,000 To Experience Your Dream

*This is a sponsored post by Lenovo Malaysia*

And I mean ANY DREAM of your choosing, worth up to RM 20,000.

So, here’s the deets…

I was shopping at LowYat Plaza the other day. Seriously, as a tech geek, LowYat is like my Disneyland, there are endless things to buy there.

LowYat Cable Shopping
WhatsApp message to Hubby : “Need any cables?”

Insider joke with Hubby, because we always seem to need some sort of cables – HDMI cable, LAN cable, USB cables, etc.

Anyway I digress…

There’s a Lenovo Shop at Level 1 that caught my eye. You know how everyone is talking about VR headset these days? I have a thing for them as well, and can’t seem to stop myself from trying every display one I can come across.

So, I spotted the Lenovo TheaterMax AntVR headset on full display and couldn’t help myself!

Then, the salesperson highlighted this contest to me. It’s the Lenovo #TheaterMaxMY contest where you post a picture / video of yourself enjoying the AntVR headset, and stand a chance to win an experience of your dream worth up to RM 20,000.

Lenovo TheatreMax - FB Pic Lenovo TheatreMax - How To Join

All you need to do to take part:-

  • Step One – Experience #TheaterMax headset at selected participating store

  • Step Two – Take a picture or video of yourself with the headset

  • Step Three – Upload to Facebook or Instagram

That’s it. No purchase needed, very straight forward. Try the headset, post it on social media, and you might Win an experience of your choice worth RM 20,000.

And that’s the Grand Prize. Even if you don’t get that, there are Consolation Prizes of 2x LENOVO VIBE X3, with LENOVO VR headset!

The contest is running now, from 9 June 2016 and ends on 30 June 2016. There’s less than a week left! Quick!

For more info, check out the Lenovo Mobile Malaysia Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/LenovoMobileMalaysia or the contest microsite at http://lenovomobile.com.my/campaigns/theatermaxmy


So. here’s my attempt that I posted on my Instagram and Facebook.


OK. I look don’t look too hot in the picture, but hey – if it gets me in the running to win the experience of my dream… *grin*

PS. I was watching Jurrassic Park on the VR headset over there. Was so mesmerised, almost didn’t want to leave and just stay there to watch the whole movie. Haha.

Why don’t you check out the nearest Lenovo store to you on the contest microsite HERE and go give it a go?


A little later, because I got more curious about the Lenovo AntVR headset, that I was sent one for a quickie review, too.

Lenovo A7010 & AntVR TheaterMax
Got the Lenovo K4 Note & AntVR TheaterMax headset

Thanks to Lenovo Mobile Malaysia for this, for I got to spend more time playing with the VR headset than when I was at the store.

Lenovo AntVR TheaterMax
VR Mode On/Off toggle

One thing that really caught my eye is how simple the VR function is built-in selected Lenovo smartphone. You can easily toggle VR Mode on/off with the Lenovo K4 Note review unit I have, that they’re promoting in store.

Lenovo TheaterMax

So, I got to finally put Jurassic Park in the review unit I had, and watched the whole movie with it. Wasn’t expecting it, but these VR headsets are seriously addictive. Look at my contented face up there. Hahaha.

Anyways, back to the topic of the #TheaterMaxMY contest.

Go ahead to the nearest Lenovo store and try the TheaterMax VR headset now. Don’t forget to hashtag #TheatermaxMY and tag @lenovomobilemy on Instagram or Lenovo Mobile Malaysia on Facebook. Ensure your post is set to public, so they can see it and keep you in the running to qualify for the contest!

Lenovo #TheaterMaxMY contest
Silly faces… Dreaming of winning

Can you guess what experience I would loooove…. to experience if I won?

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