#MYCYBERSALE 2015 Is Back! The Malaysian “Black Friday” Online Sales Happening This Week

Perhaps, you’re familiar with the American Black Friday Sales period. The day after Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November), just before Christmas comes along, all retailers have a giant nationwide sale. This is usually the highest sale period for the retailers – good for them to clear stock and sell out items – and for customers to do early shopping for Christmas gifts.

This is followed by Cyber Monday, where electronics retailers have their tech specific sale day. Usually online only deals. Usually not as big as Black Friday, but exciting for people like me, who’s always looking at gadgets to buy for the cheap and ship from US.

Recently, some Malaysian online sites started having their sale period in conjunction with this US shopping spree. I guess the shopping craze transcends borders.

The best part is, the Malaysian government recognises how much we all love online shopping. Following this shopping craze in US, MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation) created My CyberSale in 2014.

The first #MYCYBERSALE in 2014 generated RM67million in revenue from 227,000 successful transactions, with over 200% increase in online traffic reported by participating eTailers.

With the success of the “biggest online sale event” in Malaysia last year, MyCyberSale is back this year, for the second time running.


#MYCYBERSALE 2015 is back this week

#MYCYBERSALE is taking place from 28th September to 2nd October, 2015, has over 400 retailers across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. This includes some of the leading brands across clothes & accessories, kid & baby, books & media, health & beauty, electronics and more.


With over 400 e-Commerce sites participating this year, there’s offers and discounts up to 90% to be found with more deals not only for Malaysians, but for neighbours in Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia as well.


MyCyberSale website

For more info, check out #MYCYBERSALE website at http://www.mycybersale.my/ or download the #MYCYBERSALE app for iOS and Android.


You know what. I was just thinking that it’s about time for me to refresh my smartphone. My hands are itchy.

Here are some of the tech / gadget deals that I’m eye-ing and will be browsing this week.

Specifically, I was eye-ing the Honor 7 Plus. And I’ve been contemplating for the longest time if I should get myself a new camera. Also, time to refresh my laptop, too, I think. And knowing me, if I see anything else, I might just easily “Add To Cart”.


And since I’ve been browsing like mad on baby shopping online, happy to know that some of the online baby shops also participating on the sale.

There are other categories to browse, too. From Fashion to Health & Beauty to Groceries (HappyFresh anyone?) and Travel, there’s so many discounts to tempt us all…

Mycybersale Categories

Sale up to 90% !!! How to resist?

And they’re damn smart to have this sale last 5 day, instead of 3 days last year.

Also, to organise this at the end of the month til the beginning of the month – in conjunction with the time everyone gets their salary paid.


Will you be going crazy browsing and buying stuff online like me? Anything you eye-ing on?

I think I’ll be crying for my wallet and/or credit card this week.


For more information, check out My Cybersale website at http://www.mycybersale.my/




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