Restaurant Review : Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant @ Publika

Awhile back, a couple friend of ours invited us to dinner, to check out a new Korean Barbecue place in Publika. Honestly, there are so many hidden gems in Publika that I’ve yet to discover. Mostly because we keep going to the same ole place again and again, seldom venturing beyond our comfort zone.

Checking out this place called Kilo Grill @ Publika – was rewarding indeed. Before dining there, I checked out trusty reviews from here and EatDrinkKL here. Both rated it highly. So, we’re off to a good start.

Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant is not your typical Korean barbecue restaurant. It actually features ingredients from around the world – Japan, Spain, Argentina and more.


Where Is It?

Technically, it’s located at Solaris Dutamas, outside of Publika main maill area itself. If you’re familiar with Publika, it’s at the same row as Osteria RealBlue, above Ante Kitchen and Bestari mamak, facing the main road.

If you’re coming from Publika mall, then come from Plan B aka Car Valet of Publika entrance. Facing this entrance, walk towards the block on your right. You might spot some sticker signages marked “KG” for Kilo Grill. Go down the staircase, and you’ll see Kilo Grill one floor down (on UG floor) to your left.

Not the best directions or place to park (in Publika), I know. But it got me there. 😛

Dinner from 5.30pm til 3am (*Source : Kilo Grill Facebook Page)

Kilo Grill Publika is open for lunch and dinner. But not just the regular dinner time, mind you. They’re open for super late night dinner and supper – from 5.30 pm (early dinner) until 3 am (more of supper time already). So, if you have a post 10 pm craving, and most restaurants (excluding mamak) are closed, you can head over here. 🙂



Kilo Grill - Ambiance
Entrance & Ambiance

The restaurant has a very industrial feel to it – mostly because of the exposed vents on the ceiling with the cooker exhaust extraction fans over every table.

Kilo Grill 004

There is a sushi belt that runs along the middle of the restaurant, advertising dessert options and offering complimentaty appetizers and simple palate cleansers. A little redundant, in my opinion. The mini plates don’t look too appetising and there’s no real description or explanation of their existence other than some  covered small plates rotating next to us as we ate.

Kilo Grill 001

Every table comes with a grill in the middle, which is a charcoal grill, not a gas stove grill as you’d see in regular barbecue restaurants.


Food Menu

As highlighted, Kilo Grill boasts a good selection of meats, seafoods and side dishes for your barbecue pleasure.

Different meats for your grilling pleasure (*Source : Kilo Grill Facebook Page)

From a meat selection perspective, you get your traditional chicken, lamb, beef (ribeye, tenderloin, short ribs) and pork (yes, it’s non-halal). There are side dishes like skewers (RM 5 each) – from pork, lamb, chicken, scallops and more. If you’re not a fan of ala carte selection of meats, you can always opt for their Set Menu (RM 39.90 for 2 pax) that has a mix selection.

(*Image Source : Kilo Grill Facebook Page)
(*Image Source : Kilo Grill Facebook Page)

If you want the best of the best meats, you have to check out their higher end of their meat selection – their BESTSELLER,  Iberian Black Pig, the best porkie meat from Spain! You get a choice of pork collar, pork jowl or pork belly.

Kilo Grill 003
Iberian pork belly on the grill
Kilo Grill - Food
Fresh prawns, marinaded beef, asparagus

I was rather busy digging in, cooking and eating. Also ordered some fried white bait to munch on (Sorry, no pics). Also got too distracted to take pictures of everything and note their names and pricing.

Kilo Grill 002
Sauces and condiments

The barbecued meats also comes with some interesting mix of sauces and condiments. While all us gluttons were om-nom-nom-ing on our food, we did try to get the waiter to walk us through the different meats and sauces on the table. While I can’t remember them all, there was one very interesting sambal-like spicy sauce that I particularly love.

KG Pork Fragrant Rice with Scrambled Eggs & Salad (*Source : Kilo Grill Facebook Page)

Kilo Grill also serves some interesting dishes for their lunch set menu, including non-barbecue items, like the KG Pork Fragrant Rice with Scrambled Eggs & Salad pictured above, according to their Facebook Page.



(*Source : Kilo Grill Facebook Page)

While I didn’t quote get the names and pricing of every dish we tried that night, it has also been awhile since the visit that faithful night.

This is not a great review, honestly. But I couldn’t resist and had to write this post to tell you all about this place. It’s a place I really enjoyed dining and will definitely go back again, with more other friends.

OK, who wants to go with me again? Jom!


Contact Info:-

Kilo Grill Barbecue Restaurant
Add : Publika Solaris Dutamas A2-UG1-01 No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : +60 (3) 6419 0811
Facebook :


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