Happy New Year 2015 (and I’m back!)

Yes, it has been awhile. 2 months, to be exact, since my last post was dated 21 Nov 2014. If you read my previous post titled Crossroads & Dilemma, you’d know that I was struggling with being creative and motivated to keep up with the blog. I’m still struggling with the decision today, but I have received many encouraging words from a lot of you. So I’m thankful and really happy to have you guys still stick around. 🙂

Here’s a quick post to kick start the new year!

Oh yeah….


Since my last blogpost in November, I had a good year end break.

Me and Hubby recently bought our new home. So in the last couple of months, we got the keys to the new home.

My recent find online – “Zombiekeys” key covers. #cute #keycover #zombies

A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on


Renovation went on for about a month, for the major stuff. Packed and moved to the new home. Still slowly unpacking though…

Here it is. Our lives in boxes. Well, less than half of it anyways. #movinghouses #packing #boxes

A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on



Then, halfway through the move, we went to Bali for a nice Christmas holiday.

Back here at the same Balinese villa at Seminyak. Let the holidays begin. #bali #xmashols

A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on



Merry Christmas from the Heads!!! #xmashols #bali

A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on



Came home to my lil boy, Oscar.

I miss my lil boy. #schnauzer #doggie #cute #datface

A photo posted by Winnie Chen-Head (@winniekepala) on


Where he had some difficulties adjusting to the new home, separation anxiety and was unwell for over a week. A quick vet trip revealed he was very sick and we were late in discovering the illness. He was diagnosed with a mitral valve disease with a Category 4-5 heart murmur. I was (and still am) super heartbroken.

FB Oscar sick
Source : Oscar.KL Facebook Page

There’s not much we can do, since surgery isn’t an option, so poor boy will be on life-long medication to make him as comfortable as we can help it. *sob*sob*


So, what’s next?

The new house is coming along fine. There’s still some unpacking to do. More renovation will happen as we go along, but it’s almost there now and I’m happy in the new home.

WinnieKepala 2015 New Year
New study in the new house

And my new study, where I’ll be spending a lot of time working, and blogging and vlogging. 🙂

I’m psyching myself up to get going with blogging again, so please bear with me as I try to get back to a consistent, regular, scheduled postings.

How was everyone’s 2014 year end, and beginning of 2015 so far?

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