[GIVEAWAY] Order Food Online with FoodPanda, with Android app review

My friends know this about me – I don’t cook! I’m really not very good in the kitchen. I can go as far to say I’m somewhat culinary-challenged. I even have a history of being partly responsible for burning the kitchen. This doesn’t stop me from attempting to cook every now and then. But after years of trying to be decent in the kitchen, I do manage to make a handful of dishes quite well, only if I follow the recipe to the T.

When I do cook dinner for myself on weekdays, I have major trouble estimatin portions, and each dish almost always turn out too salty. Which means, my daily meals usually consist of me eating out, tapau-ing food (take-away) or ordering food delivery.

I’m always equippeed with food delivery phone numbers, websites and mobile apps on the ready most nights. And one of those food delivery service is — FoodPanda.


About FoodPanda

FoodPanda - Website

In case you’re unfamiliar, FoodPanda is a part of the giant Rocket Internet Group who also operate ZALORA (online fashion), Lazada (electronics, books, etc), EasyTaxi (taxi booking app) and PricePanda (price comparison).

FoodPanda is an online food delivery service, operating under HelloFood group in over 40 countries. Since it’s launch in Malaysia sometime in 2012, FoodPanda has been super aggressive in its growth and now serves hundreds of restaurants in major cities nationwide including Kuala Lumpur (Klang Valley, actually), Cyberjaya, Penang, Ipoh, Johor Bharu and growing. From big restaurant chains like Starbucks, Papa John’s, Kenny Rogers, Sushi King etc. to other smaller neighbourhood cafes, it’s quite easy to fulfil my daily cravings whatever the cuisine.

FoodPanda - Google Play

Around March 2013, FoodPanda Malaysia launched both their iOS and Android app, which makes it so much easier for me to order my food delivery on the smartphone that’s almost permanently attached to my hand. The FoodPanda mobile app is available on 3 major mobile phone platform today –

  • iOS (Apple iTunes Store link HERE)
  • Android (Google Play Store link HERE)
  • Windows Phone (Windows Phone Store link HERE)

FoodPanda operates from 10 am – 11 pm daily, with payment options from Cash on Delivery (COD) or Credit Card, offers cuisine choices ranging from pizza, sushi, Italian, Chinese, American and more. You can signup / login and place your orders online at their website or via the mobile app, or calling their hotline at 1300 800 262. There’s even a Live Chat widget on their website where you can chat with their Customer Service Representative online for any enquiries or placing your order.

For more info on the FoodPanda mobile app, check out http://www.foodpanda.my/contents/apps or their website at www.foodpanda.my or LIKE their Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/FoodpandaMalaysia


Ordering with FoodPanda Android App

In the last week when I had a hankering for food delivery, I launched the FoodPanda app just to have it stuck at the first loading page with the FoodPanda logo starring at me for minutes. It just wouldn’t load. It was really frustrating that the app wasn’t working 100% of the time. At times, I get past to the restaurant listing page and it hangs there. After a few tries, I give up and start searching for other food delivery options.

I have to be honest that the app still seems a little buggy to me. FoodPanda has, however, pushed several new updates to the app in the last few months I’ve had the app installed on my phone.

OK, let’s get back to my experience and let me walk you through the food ordering process with the new FoodPanda Android app.

FoodPanda - Enter Location
Step 1 : Enter your location

When you launch the app for the first time, you’ll be prompted to enter your location. If you’re unable to find your exact street name and location, you can also click on the “Your Location” tab to activate yoru GPS to find your location.

FoodPanda - Restaurant List
Step 2 : Browse and select Restuarant Listing

You’ll be presented with a long list of restaurant that serves your location. You can also click on the “filter” icon at the top right to sort and filter the results by price, restaurants with Free Delivery promotions, and cuisine type.

Each listing of restaurant (right pic) will show you their cuisine type, minimum order value, delivery fee and estimated delivery time. If the restaurant is running a Free Delivery promo, you can see that with the “%” red icon right under the restaurant logo (as per Morganfield’s (Pavilion) listing.

In my browsing of restaurants in my location, I noted that most restaurants implement a RM 15 minimum order, charges around a RM 4 delivery fee and delivers in an hour. Not bad, really.

FoodPanda - Browse & Add To Cart
Step 3 : Browse menu item, select your dish(es) & Add To Basket

When you’ve selected the restaurant, you are then brought to the menu listing, separated by dish type (appetizers, main course, desserts, etc) along with the price. Tapping on the individual dish will show you a lengthier description, and options of quantity, topping choices etc. Click on the “Add To Basket” button to place your order.

Some menu items are really long, and it gets truncated in the app. This can get frustrating and confusing, especially with Chinese food that I’ve been trying to order – cos Chinese dishes have lengthy description on how the dish is cooked, what’s included in the dish, etc. *grr*

Note : Clicking on the “i” (Info) icon on the top right, you’ll get to view more info on the restaurant, rating and reviews from other customers.

FoodPanda - View Cart & Place Order
Step 4 : View Cart & Place Order

When you’re done selecting your dishes, click on the basket icon on the top right and it’ll bring you to your “Basket” aka Cart. Double check your items, change the quantity if needed, select delivery / pick-up options, view the total bill pricing and click “Place Order”.

FoodPanda’s list of restaurant’s menu prices are about the same as the listed price for dine-in at the restaurant. They do, however apply other surcharges to your order (that’s where they make their money). From the total food bill, you’ll see additional charges for Service Fee (15%), VAT tax (6%) and Delivery Fee (varies between RM 4 – RM 10 for different restaurant).

FoodPanda - Signin & Order Confirmation
Step 5 : Signup / Login to Place Your Order

If you’re not already signed up as a FoodPanda user, here’s where you can do so. Existing users just need to login to complete your order. The app here also reminds you that you don’t need to have a FoodPanda account to place an order. I would suggest you do, if you’re planning on a future order.

Once signed in / logged in / delivery address and info filled, you click on “Place Order” button and the order will be sent to FoodPanda.

FoodPanda - Menu Settings
App Menu & Settings

The mobile app for signed in users, has a “Reorder” option which lists all historical orders which allows quick reorder of dishes or restaurant.

Among other menu options to browse for “Deals” or promotions like Free Delivery, discounts, promotional dishes and more.

FoodPanda - SMS 001
Step 6 : Order Confirmation SMS

In about a few seconds (under a minute, for sure) after I placed my order, I received an SMS confirmation from FoodPanda that my order is received and being processed.

FoodPanda - Order Confirmation Email
Order Confirmation Email

About a minute or so after, I received the detailed Order Confirmation Email in my inbox of the same. This email includes the itemized list of my order, the date and time of the order (in case I need to track the 60 minute delivery time promise) and total bill price (which can serve as a receipt for records).

Very efficient indeed, FoodPanda. Well done.

FoodPanda - Delivery 001
FoodPanda Delivery Rider at my doorsteps

As per the screenshot SMS above, my order was placed and confirmed at 7.11 pm. At 7.45 pm, my doorbell rang and the FoodPanda Delivery Rider was at my doorsteps. Surprisingly, my food took 34 minutes to process, cook and arrive at my doorsteps – way shorter than the estimated 60 minutes!!!

The food was packed in plastic container boxes (packed by the restaurant) but placed in an insulated black bag to keep the food nice and hot. And hot, indeed, it was.

The Delivery Rider was pleasant, greeted me well and thanked me for the tip. He was also nice enough to pose for the above photo, no questions asked. Haha.

I wasn’t fussy with change, so I left the Delivery Guy a small RM 3 tip. Surprisingly, shortly after he left, I received this SMS from him.

FoodPanda - SMS 002
FoodPanda Delivery Rider thanking me for a teeny tip?!

Pleasantly surprised indeed. It is, after all, a really small RM 3 tip only.

Another point to add to the pleasant experience with FoodPanda.

FoodPanda - Hakka Rest Food
(Top Left) Hakka Fried Rice (RM 15); (Top Right) Sauteed Beef in Hakka Style (RM 15); (Bottom Left) Wan Xiang Tofu (RM13); (Bottom Right) Hong Kong Kailan (RM 16)


The food was piping hot. As you can see in screenshots above, you’d notice I ordered from Hakka Restaurant on Jalan Kia Peng, opposite Pavilion KL. I’ve always loved the food there, so as expected, the food was awesome!

Just like me and my difficulty cooking for one person’s portion, I ordered too much food for one person. Actually, I realised that when I was placing my order. Eek. So, I had lots of leftovers to feed me for the next two meal. 🙂

About 3 hours after the food was delivered to my doorsteps, I received another email from FoodPanda asking me to rate the restaurant I just ordered from, on a scale of 1 to 5 star.

FoodPanda - Restautant Rating Email
Restaurant Rating Email
FoodPanda - Restaurant Review
Restaurant reviews from customers & OpenRice

This rating feedback will contribute to the restaurant’s overall rating in the listing on the website as well as the mobile app. On top of customers’ feedback and rating, FoodPanda also includes other reviews from OpenRice members, as part of their partnership with OpenRice.

2 days after the order, I received another follow up email from FoodPanda to review their service, on a scale of 1 to 10.

FoodPanda - Service Feedback Email (2days)
FoodPanda Service Feedback Email

Just as you have rated the restaurant, this email will ask for your review of FoodPanda’s service. Considering I had a rather pleasant experience – from the mobile app ordering proces to on-time food delivery, I’m gonna rate them quite high.


Overall, other than the ocassional buggy-ness of the mobile app, my experience with FoodPanda has been very positive and pleasant!

On the less pleasant side of FoodPanda, I have had a few friends who have commented on their dissatisfaction on their experience with their service levels. Every now and then, FoodPanda has some fails – from incidents of misplaced orders, late delivery, unresponsive Customer Service and a few other mishaps. Personally, I have not had such experience, thankfully. You don’t mess with me when I’m hungry!!!

I do, however, like to point out one particular annoyance I have with the FoodPanda Android app – every day, or every other day or something like that, I get push notification from the app about some promotions from FoodPanda. It can get really annoying. The only way to stop these push notification alerts, is to force close the app. Ridiculous, me thinks. It should be a checkbox in the app’s settings menu to turn these notifications off. Let’s hope they fix this in the next version.


Giveaway of RM 10 e-vouchers to first 5 readers

If you’ve not tried the FoodPanda service, then I have good news for you. Thanks to the folks at FoodPanda Malaysia, I have 5 e-vouchers worth RM 10 for FoodPanda Malaysia to give-away.

5 X e-Vouchers worth RM 10 each for new customers / first time orders with FoodPanda Malaysia

FoodPanda - Featured

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Giveaway runs for a week, starting TODAY 15 Sep 2014 until 21 Sep 2014
  • Giveaway open to anyone residing in Malaysia, within FoodPanda Malaysia’s delivery areas only
  • RM 10 e-voucher for new customers placing their first time order with FoodPanda Malaysia only
  • Voucher is valid for one year, until 15Sep 2015
  • Voucher will be emailed to winners and claimable for your online / mobile order using a unique promo code


Here’s what you need to do to claim the e-vouchers

STEP ONE – Share this on Social Media

FoodPanda - Social Share

Share this blogpost on your Facebook / Twitter, and tag @winniekepala and @foodpanda_MY


STEP TWO – Enter your details in the form

[wysija_form id=”2″]

By entering your details, you’re automatically entered into the giveaway, as well as subscribed to WinnieKepala.com via email for weekly email updates.



That’s it! If you happen to be the first 5 readers to submit your details on the form, and fulfil the Terms and Conditions, I’ll send you the e-voucher codes.

Hurry, only the first 5 qualified user will get the vouchers. Also, remember to share this with everyone!

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