[GIVEAWAY] RM57 vouchers from Carama by Castrol this Malaysia Day

Confession – I’m not very well versed with cars and car maintenance. I trust my car service centre to keep me updated on what’s wrong with my car engine and maintenance, and to send me reminders when my car’s due for servicing. Hubby was a little peeved when he had to check my car’s tire pressure the other day, due to negligence on my part.

Because I trust my car service centre so explicitly, in my years of being a car owner, I’ve not always had the best experience. The amount of time I was fleeced by unscrupulous mechanics for minor repairs, got cheated off a car paint job that started peeling and rusting after a month, and radiator overheating in the middle of the night on an unknown highway out of town. *sigh* The troubles I’ve had…

When I came across this article (The Star : No Joy At Car Service Centre) I noticed that many Malaysians, like me, are increasingly dissatisfied with their service centres.

Malaysians increasingly dissatisfied with workshops infographic

Many a times, we end up asking around friends with similar car make and model to recommend a good workshop to go to. But based on the infographic above, I completely agree with all the points highlighted – from pick-up service, to service quality, to friendly and proactive service advisors, many service centres and workshops in Malaysia do need a whole lot of improvement.

Since I switched to being a Toyota owner a few cars ago, I have been happy with their service levels and facilities, which is comforting considering research also shows Toyota ranks the highest in overall customer service satisfaction. 🙂 But this doesn’t mean there are no nitty gritty areas of improvements. I have challenges finding a convenient time to make the service appointment with work and personal commitments. I also send my car to a service centre too far away from my home to enjoy their pickup service. And some other annoyance.

With all these offline hassle, there’s now a simpler solution with Carama by Castrol.

Carama by Castrol is Malaysia’s first web and mobile enabled portal for car care and maintenance

With Carama, I can immediately reduce the hassle of booking for a car service appointment, by doing so online. The website also has other service and features that allows me to enjoy better savings, promotions and more…


About Carama by Castrol

*Image Source : Carlist.my

Launched in August 2013, Malaysians can now book their car service appointments online with Carama by Castrol. As you probably recognise, Castrol is the premium lubricant company, who has now extended their service to provide car care and maintenance service as well with Carama. To date, Carama houses an exhaustive list of over 200 certified and listed car workshops in Klang Valley!

In the near future, the service will be extending to other states in the country soon.

Certified workshops on Carama are assessed with an overall score based on a 40-point screening by a panel of independent third party experts to ensure that the workshops meet the highest standards of quality, skills, transparency, customer service, health and safety compliance.

Carama assures users of their price and quality guarantee – with transparency in repair pricing, search for workshops based on rating, service reminders, savings and promotions and 3% cashback of your total bill.

Carama - Service Price Calculator
Carama’s Service Price Calculator

Their cool website also has a Service Price Calculator, where you can enter details of your car and type of service required, and it will automatically calculate the estimated price of the service.

For more information, check out the Carama by Castrol webste at www.carama.com or LIKE their Facebook Page at facebook.com/CaramaCastrol


Carama and MyTeksi Partnership

Recently, Carama partnered with one of the top taxi apps in the country, MyTeksi. The partnership includes Carama users to enjoy FREE MyTeksi rides to and from your workshop. You no longer need to sit around waiting for your car (like I do, actually), you can take a MyTeksi ride home, or to breakfast/lunch while your car’s in the hands of a trusted mechanic! Safer for the ladies, especially if you usually hail one off the street.

My teksi R02
Free Rides with MyTeksi worth up to RM 15

How does it work? Easy!

Make a booking with a certified workshop on Carama, immediately get 2 free rides (worth RM15 each) to and from their workshop with MyTeksi. 


Giving Away 16 vouchers worth RM 57 from Carama

Thanks to the folks from Carama by Castrol, in conjunction with the 2014 Malaysia Day this year, I have 16 Carama vouchers to give away to WinnieKepala.com readers.

Yes, 16 vouchers!!! Worth RM 57 each!

Why RM 57? Because it’s Malaysia’s 57th Independence Day!!!

Visual For Winnie Kepala
16 FREE vouchers to give away for WinnieKepala.com readers

Terms and Conditions:-

  • Giveaway starts from TODAY until 30 Sep 2014
  • Giveaway open to anyone residing in Klang Valley, Malaysia only
  • RM57 consists of RM37 discount voucher + RM20 signup bonus
  • Voucher is valid until 31 Dec 2014
  • Voucher will be emailed to winners from Carama by Castrol, and claimable with a special promo code


How To Enter?


Carama Giveaway - Social Share

Share this blogpost on Facebook / Twitter, hashtag #FreeCaramaVouchers and tag @WinnieKepala



[wysija_form id=”3″]

By entering your details, you’re automatically entered into the giveaway, as well as subscribed to WinnieKepala.com via email for weekly email updates.


That’s it! No complicated questions or slogans or comments or anything. I really want to give-away these vouchers as easily as possible!

If you happen to be the first 16 readers to submit your details on the form, and fulfil the Terms and Conditions, you will soon receive an email / phone call from Carama to claim your discount vouchers via a special promo code!!!


Hurry, only the first 16 qualified user will get the vouchers. Also, remember to share this with everyone!

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