Update WinnieKepala.com RSS Feed URL to https://winniekepala.com/feed/

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Warning : A techie post here. If you don’t know what Feedburner is, or don’t know what RSS feed is, then you can ignore this post.

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// Techie rant post & announcement BEGIN


I’ve been having major problems with Feedburner for the last few months now. I was so loyal to the service that I kept giving it second, third and  millionth chances but it kept failing me.

Since the shutdown of Google Reader in July 2013, a lot of people predicted that RSS is dying and it’s just a matter of time until Google shuts down Feedburner as well. I’ve been a long time Feedburner user, from my early bloggin on Google’s Blogger to this self-hosted WordPress site. Those more tech savvier readers who subscribe to my RSS feeds, have been getting it through the (what I thought was reliable) Google’s Feedburner.

I have to admit, over the years, Google has not been updating Feedburner at all. And I mean at all!!!

The last blogpost has not been updated for months, and their dashboard looks like it’s been stuck since 1995!

Feedburner Dashboard (*Image Source : Kissmetrics)

And lately, I have been having way too much trouble with Feedburner missing more than 3/4 chunks of my blogpost in the RSS feeds.


Exhibit #A

In my recent IKEA BookBook Unboxing post, I had some written paragraphs, image gallery, Instagram embed and YouTube video embeds.

This is what came out in the RSS feed, using my favourite RSS reader, Feedly.

Feedburner Ikea - missing post
The RSS feed is missing so much in the blogpost

Compared to the original blogpost…

Blogpost Ikea - Full
There’s an Instagram picture, more text and YouTube videos

A major major chunk of the blogpost was missing in the RSS feed. The most important chunk of the blogpost, in fact!


Exhibit #B

Another recent blogpost example is my lengthy review (as they always are) of teh Dell Inspiron 14 5000 series laptop. As you would expect, the post goes on to like 5000 words or something crazy like that…

PS. Yes, I need to learn to edit and keep things short… maybe.

But I digress.

So here’s the RSS feed of the review post.

Feedburner Dell - missing post
From intro of the laptop, straight to Conclusion?

And this is what the blogpost should look like…

Blogpost Dell - Full
The whole heart of the content is missing?!

RSS subscriber of my blogpost have been missing the whole gist of my reviews. For months now…


Please update your RSS feed URL in your subscription

With much disappointment, I made the decision to kill Feedburner and delete the service for the WinnieKepala.com blog.

Delete Feedburner
Killing Feedburner for WinnieKepala.com

For the 74 subscribers to of the blog using Feedburner, please change and update your RSS subscription for WinnieKepala.com to a new URL.

http://feeds.feedburner.com/winniekepala   ——->  https://winniekepala.com/feed/

Which is the original feed URL anyways. In the meantime, for approximately 2-4 weeks, Feedburner will continue to redirect the older http://feeds.feedburner.com/winniekepala URL to the (new?) original https://winniekepala.com/feed/ URL.

I do hope you take the time to update your RSS readers accordingly. The other option is to just unsubscribe and re-subscribe for a clean transition.

Alternatively, you can just subscribe to the blog via email.

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I might choose to use or pay fo another 3rd party RSS feed manager, I might not. Regardless, the https://winniekepala.com/feed/ URL will continue to work and redirect accordingly.

I might lose some of this 74  of you in this transition. I hope most, if not all of you will stick around. 🙂

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Thanks for the understanding, guys.


// Techie rant post & announcement OVER!

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