Food Court Review : Non-Halal section @ The Intermark

It’s been long overdue. I have been walking over to The Intermark to discover new restaurants and retail outlets opened at the Intermark Mall for months now. Recommended by some friends who also live around he neighbourhood, and  blogposts by KYSpeaks on his food adventures there, I discovered the amazing-ness that is the Non-Halal section at the Intermark Food Court!


The Location

In case you’re unfamiliar with where The Intermark is, it’s actually sharing the same building with Double Tree by Hilton hotel, right opposite Ampang Park Shopping Centre, on Jalan Tun Razak.

Take the escalator (or lift, if you don’t like walking) all the way down to the Lower Concourse floor. You’ll come to see Jaya Grocers and stalls after stalls of great food, including, at the back, a non-halal section of the Food Court.

I can’t tell for sure whether this section is Jaya Grocer’s Food Court, or The Intermark’s food court. Nevertheless, it is a nice food court with lots of food selection from Malaysian favourites to Chinese Dim Sum to Japanese Ramen and my favourite, the non-halal section.

Intermark Food Court 012 Intermark Food Court 013

There are only a small handful of stalls available in the Non-halal section – Hamky Panky Deli and Sandwiches, Lam’s Kitchen (everything Chinese rice and noodles), Restoran Sun Huat Kee Pork Ball Noodles and Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles.

Intermark Food Court 005
Receipt and buzzer while you wait for your food

Like with most food courts, you walk up to order your food and pay for it. You’ll be given a receipt and a buzzer while you sit down and wait. I like this system, instead of having a bunch of people (especially during weekday lunchtime) wait around at the stall for their food to be ready. You can just go take a seat and wait.

They buzz your number when your food is ready, where you’ll return the buzzer in exchange for your food. Nice!


The Stalls, Food and Pricing

Intermark Food Court - Stalls

The 4 stalls mentioned – (Top Left) Lams Kitchen, (Top Right) Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles, (Bottom Left) Restoran Sun Huat Kee Pork Ball Noodles and (Bottom Right) Hamky Panky Deli and Sandwiches.

Since I discovered this section a few months ago, between me and Hubby, we managed to try 3 of the 4 restaurants. The exception was the fish head noodles stall. None of us are a fan of fish head noodles. Errr… to be honest, I have no idea how to eat fish head, hence I believe I won’t be able to appreciate them.


Hamky Panky Deli and Sandwiches

Hubby’s go-to stall every time we come here, usually on Sundays – Hamky Panky. Interesting play on words, right?

Intermark Food Court - Hamky Panky Deli & Sandwiches
Honey Mustard Back Bacon & English Ham on Ciabatta with Extra Cheese (RM 13.80 + RM 2.50 extra cheese)
Intermark Food Court - Hamky Panky Deli & Sandwiches
BBQ pork & Crispy Pork on Ciabatta with Cheese (RM 13.80) + French Fries (RM 4.80)
Intermark Food Court - Hamky Panky Deli & Sandwiches
Honey Mustard Back Bacon & English Ham on Ciabatta (RM 13.80)

If you notice, Hubby’s been less adventurous with his sandwich than I thought. Pretty much the same sandwich the last few times he’s there.

Hamky Panky - Receipt
Full itemized receipt from last 3 trips to Hamky Panky



Lam’s Kitchen

My go-to restaurant most of the time, because it’s one of those Chinese stalls that serves a variety of food from Chicken Rice to Fried Rice to Fried Noodles to side dishes of meats and vegetables. A do-it-all type of place I like.

Lam's Kitchen, The Intermark
Ginger and Spring Onion Chicken with Rice (RM 13.80)
Intermark Food Court 011
Fried Beef Hor Fun (Dried) (RM 12.80)
Intermark Food Court 001
Cantonese Ginger and Spring Onion Beef Hor Fun (RM 12.80)


Lam's Kitchen, The Intermark
Deep Fried Pork Chop with Garlic (RM 17.80)
Intermark Food Court 007
Crispy Roasted Pork (Siew Yoke) (RM 20)

Pricing can be a little bit more than the usual food court, but the food is delicious and the varieties are aplenty.


Restoran Sun Huat Kee

There are ocassions where I don’t feel like some heavy, fried rice or noodles and want to just go for noodle soups. That’s when I go check out Restoran Sun Kuat Kee for their “Signature” pork ball noodles.

I noticed I don’t have pictures from the pork ball kuey teow that I’ve had a few times. But here’s the picture of their set lunch menu.

Intermark Food Court 014


The actual noodle (dry or soup) looks and taste much better than shown in their laminated set menu. It deserves their “Signature” and “Famous” moniker. One day, I need to find their original pork ball noodle restaurant and give that a try…



I am really happy to find this nice non-halal food court at The Intermark. A good alternative, within walking distance from where I am that’s a thousand times better than my usual at Ampang Park’s stuffy and dirty food court.

For many weekends now, this has been a regular spot I go to for my quick lunch. Not just for convenience, but the food there is actually good.

Hmm… Perhaps I’ll take a walk there now for my late lunch?


Address :

The Intermark Food Court (Non-halal section)

Lower Concourse Floor, The Intermark, 348 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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  1. The original pork ball noodle is from Jinjang Utara. They have another shop in Paramount, PJ. Follow the KFC shop row and it located just opposite the old cinema.


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