(Part 4) Conclusion review of Lenovo S820, my vacation phone

*This is a review of a loaned product unit from Lenovo Malaysia*

After over a month, here’s the final review post for the entry to mid range, dual SIM, Android smartphone – the Lenovo S820. In case you missed the previous posts, check them out below…

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Lenovo S820 - Vacation

I used the Lenovo S820 as my primary smartphone when I went for my New Year’s Eve 2013 celebration in Boracay. The phone’s dual SIM feature allowed me to have a local Philippines prepaid SIM card with unlimited mobile data plan to keep me connected for emails, browsing and social media updates. In the SIM 2 slot, I kept my home Malaysian SIM card, so people back home can still reach me with calls and SMS. Perfect!

After using it as a primary smartphone throughout my holiday, with past posts covering the hardware and build quality, software and features as well as the camera performance, I conclude the 4 part review with the Battery life performance, as well as my final conclusion of the Lenovo S820.


Battery Life of the Lenovo S820

I struggle with mobile data connection and speed when I was on vacation on the island of Boracay. Well, because I was in an island somewhere in the ocean, the local Smart Philippines network was painfully sporadic, and the S820 can only manage HSPA+/3G data connection.

I wasn’t using the phone much as well. Occasional emails and browsing, some picture taking, checking and posting on social media. I was mostly enjoying being unplugged in a beach (it is a vacation, after all), enjoying sun, sea and sand… And reading on my Kindle Paperwhite mostly.

Lenovo S820 - Lenovo Power

Lenovo S820 comes pre-installed with a LenovoPower app that allows you to manage the battery life and performance of the S820. This includes the option to customise how your phone behaves to conserve battery. The “Settings” function includes a lot of toggles to dim the screen’s brightness, automatically close open apps when you lock your phone and many other functions.

Very handy and well done, Lenovo.

Lenovo S820 - Battery Life

As mentioned, during my usage of the S820, it was moderate usage everyday at most.

With that, I managed very good battery life every day, with an average of 17 hours or more. Remember I have both a foreign and local SIM active simultaneously.

There are also days, with light usage, that I managed over 23 – 24 hours of usage, with plenty of battery juice left.

All this, with the S820 set to the “Best” mode in Lenovo Power battery management app.


Conclusion of Lenovo S820 as my vacation phone

Lenovo S820 - Hardware 1

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Lenovo S820 for my vacation at the beautiful white, sandy beaches of Boracay, Philippines. I took some great pictures with the phone, stayed connected with a local SIM for emergency work emails, browsing and social media updates, as well as keep my home SIM active and still reachable from people back home.

Although some pre-installed apps can be excluded as bloatwares, there are some apps that I enjoyed and found handy during my trip.

Lenovo S820 - Google Now
Google Now is included, accessible by long pressing the “Home” button

For example, Google Now, accessible via long pressing the “Home” button, now includes more local services to make it useful for my trip. As you see in the picture above, my flight info with Singapore Airlines are displayed in a “Card” on Google Now.

Finally – Google Now is slowly becoming useful for people like us, outside of the US of A.

Lenovo S820 - Pre-installed Games
Pre-installed games were fun time-wasters

It is a vacation, I needed and did relax. I enjoyed playing some of the pre-installed games on the Lenovo S820. I can download more on the Google Play Store or from Gameloft Live app, included in the App Drawer.

With the Lenovo S820 being a dual SIM lifesaver, I took pictures, checked emails, browsed the web, kept social media postings and enjoyed my time reviewing the S820. In conclusion, let me summarise my likes and dislikes of the smartphone.

Lenovo S820 - Winnie in Boracay
Sun. Sea. Sand. Smartphone.

What I Like

  • 8.95 mm slim and perfect 4.7″ display screen size
  • Dual SIM kept me connected with foreign mobile data & home SIM for calls and SMS
  • Lenovo Power with excellent battery life & performance management
Lenovo S820 - Hanging
Wonky performance where the phone and screen hanging and crashing regularly

What I Dislike

  • Unstable performance with the phone (and Lenovo UI launcher) hanging or crashing regularly
  • Confusing Lenovo UI launcher and navigation
  • Regular sized SIM instead of microSIM

All in all, I have to stress that I can’t complain much about the Lenovo S820. It’s priced at an affordable RM 899 for a dual SIM Android smartphone, which is cheaper than other bigger phone manufacturers like Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos or HTC Desire 600 and on par with local players like Ninetology U9R1 or CSL Switch Pluto.

If you’re looking for a dual SIM Android smartphone, decently spec and affordable price point, you have to consider this Lenovo S820.

Using it as my primary phone on vacation for over 2 weeks,  I thoroughly enjoyed the S820.

Thanks, Lenovo Malaysia for the opportunity to review the Lenovo S820 entry level dual SIM Android smartphone.

And for you, fellow readers – will you consider getting a dual SIM phone? If so, what phones are you considering and what are your primary criterias?


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