(Part 3) Taking vacation pictures with dual SIM Lenovo S820

*This is a review of a loaned product from Lenovo Malaysia*

In case you missed it, this is Part 3 of a 4-part review for Lenovo S820, which I have been using as my primary phone during my last vacation to Boracay for the New Year’s Eve 2013 celebration. Catch up on the past 2 posts…

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As promised, this post, I’ll share my experience taking vacation pictures with the Lenovo S820, how the camera fares in various conditions.


12 megapixel rear shooter

Lenovo S820 - Rear camera
12 megapixel rear camera on the Lenovo S820

The Lenovo S820 comes with a 12 megapixel rear camera with an LED flash and autofocus capability. In the front, is a 2 megapixel fixed focus camera for video calling and selfie shots.

Lenovo S820 - Camera
Camera app on the S820

The camera app has an odd aspect ratio, that’s not quite 4:3 or widescreen 16:9. There are also a number of toggles and options that you can adjust accordingly.

Lenovo’s Camera app, called SuperCamera, includes a host of effects (ala Instagram filters) for you to create artistic shots, should you wish.

Unfortunately though, for me, I never really got to play around with these “effects” and just stuck the camera on its default “Auto” mode.


Sample Pictures from Lenovo S820

Lenovo S820 - Taking beach pictures
Vacay pics on the beach

Side note – as you can see in the picture above, the display screen doesn’t perform too well under direct sunlight. Although, in person, the screen looked more legible in person than in photos.

Nevertheless, throughout my 10-day vacation, I took a number of pictures on the S820, and here are some of the sample pictures in various conditions.

The images are not edited or resized, so hover to view the photo condition and click to view enlarged version.

Image quality is good in perfect outdoor lighting conditions. The beach images in sunny skies are clear and showcases the beauty of Boracay’s White Beach perfectly. However, when the sky gets a little dark, images are not as clear with noise in the image being quite visible.

In some images, image stabilisation is poor and autofocus don’t work perfectly all the time.

I also got to take some camwhoring, self portraits, as below:-

The front facing camera, with a 2 megapixel fixed focus camera, is rather disappointing, to be honest.

Images are so noisy, with clear pixels, even in good, bright, daylight. In low light condition, the limitation of the front camera looks more obvious.

Lenovo S820 - SuperGallery
SuperGallery is your Gallery app with photo editing

In line with Lenovo’s naming their camera app SuperCamera, they continued with the “Super” names with the photo gallery app called SuperGallery.

SuperGallery allows you to view pictures on your phone, sorted by albums or date taken. Clicking on the picture shows enlarged view, as well as the option to apply various edits and effects. While the SuperCamera comes with a big selection of effects, the SuperGallery has slightly lesser options of these effects for post edit.

I also managed to take some videos during the New Year’s countdown celebration in Boracay. Video quality is not great (it is just a mid range smartphone camera) and there’s Instagram filters all over it, but here’s some videos taken.




Overall, I am happy with the performance of the front facing camera of the Lenovo S820. In good photo condition like daytime, in the outdoor, images turns out great. It struggles at low light conditions and shows even more flaws with its front camera.

For an entry to mid range device priced at RM 899 though, I have no major complains as the S820 camera does the job well.


Coming up next… Conclusion

Lenovo S820 - Vacation

In the next and final review post on the Lenovo S820, I will cover the final question on battery life and my conclusion on using the phone as my primary phone throughout my vacation.

Stay tuned.


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    1. Hahah. I was lucky I had this phone with me on my vacation so you get sample photos of beautiful beaches…
      Thanks for checking out the review and commenting. Did you read the other posts of this 4-part review?


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