Preview of art inspired 85-inch 4K resolution Samsung UHD TV 85″ S9

Ultra High Definition (LED) TV. It’s not enough to just have a HD TV these days. It’s all about UHD TV. That’s 4K resolution TV viewing experience, which sits at 3840 X 2160 which is 4 times as many pixels of the previous generation of 1920 X 1080 HD TVs. Talk about great definition!!!

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Samsung Malaysia for a demonstration and briefing session on their latest, high-end, first of its kind, UHD TV – Samsung UHD TV 85” S9 currently on display at Harvey Norman in Pavilion KL.

Samsung UHD TV 85″ S9

Here’s a high level specifications overview of the Samsung UHD TV 85″ S9:-

  • Display : 85″ Ultra High Definition (UHD) LED TV (3840 X 2160) display
  • Audio : 120W 3D Sound with Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Plus (20W x 2, Woofer 20W x 2, Centre 40W) Sound Output (RMS)
  • Input : Audio Out (Mini Jack), Component In (Y/ Pb / Pr),  Composite In (AV) X 2, Digital Audio Out (Optical), Ethernet (LAN), HDMI x 4, RF In (Terrestrial / Cable Input), USB x 3, IR Out
  • Dimensions (Set with Stand) : 2,025 (Width) x 1,626 (Height) x 588mm (Depth)
  • Weight (Set with Stand) : 85.8 kg
  • Smart TV 2.0 : Smart Hub, Apps, Social, Photos, Videos & Music,  Fitness, Kids, Samsung SMART View,  Intelligent Viewing, Web Browser
  • Smart Interaction 2.0 : Camera Built-in, Face recognition, Motion control, Voice Control (Embedded), Voice Control (Server), Camera App, Samsung TV Apps support
  • Accessories included : 3D Active Glasses, IR Extender Cable, TM1390C Remote Controller,  Slim Gender Cable 2, AV 1 Component, Power Cable & User Manuals

Here’s a UHD TV that it future-ready, indeed.


Killer Features of the Samsung UHD TV 85″ S9

There are many things to love about this 85″ UHD TV from the Korean manufacturer.


Majestic screen size

Samsung UHD TV 85" S9
Easel-design stand
Samsung UHDTV S9 (2)
85 inches of glorious display

I’m sure everyone would love to have an 85″ TV in their living room. It’s like the best home cinema ever! But traditionally, you’d worry about the size of your living room and how the visual display would be in a small living room.

Well, that’s not a concern anymore with UHD TV. The resolution has such fine pixel counts that picture quality is perfect and fine even if you sit one foot away from the screen. Well, other than potential damage to your eyes, the display is so good up close that I barely notice the pixels when I put my face close to the screen.


Artistic easel-like design TV stand

Samsung UHDTV S9
Easel designed TV stand

The TV stand, unlike the traditional ugly mounts on other TV is inventively artistic, making the TV look like a giant painting and art piece in your home.

The TV is slim, too, at only 72 mm thin for just the TV set alone. The sleek metallic aluminium frame makes it look futuristic yet classy. Me likey!!!


Powerful sound system and Ports connectivity

Samsung UHD TV S9
Clean design of speakers

Included speakers gives you great Dolby Digital Plus / Dolby Pulse sound quality, with a 40W centre speaker, 2 X 20W speakers, 2X 20W woofer, and an RMS Sound Output for more powerful sound with your Sound system.

Samsung UHD TV S9
Separate console for ports

Your usual TV has all the ports at the back or side panels of the TV set. In Samsung’s UHD TV line, there’s a separate console with all the necessary ports and connectivity to reduce the cable clutter in traditional TVs. I like this nice brushed metal finishing of this as well. Most importantly, you can hide this in yoru TV cabinet or underneath the stand somewhere, out of sight, without tonnes of unruly cables hanging out.

You get a good selection of ports and connectivity, too – from HDMI, Audio ports, Ethernet LAN and many more.


Smart TV functions

Of course, every TV you buy these days have to be a Smart TV.

Samsung UHD TV S9 - Smart apps
Smart TV comes with apps

There are a host of different apps that Samsung offered with their Smart TVs which are included in the UHD TV S9. Your usual apps include news, social media, multimedia streaming and many more.

Samsung UHD TV S9 - Remote control
Remote control with trackpad

Even the remote control comes with a trackpad to make it easier for you to browse the web and navigate around the giant screen!

Samsung Screen Share

Samsung UHDTV S9 - Screen share
Demonstration of mobile game projected on the UHD TV

Available with all the Samsung UHD TVs, you can pair and share screens from your Samsung Android smart devices to the TV! In the demo, we were shown how you can browse and navigate your phone projected on the large 85″ UHD TV screen, which is handy if you want to share any presentations, documents and pictures or videos.

The other cool thing, because the streaming was so smooth, you can even project a mobile game on to the TV from your Android smartphone, giving you a large screen gaming experience as you would with a game console!



Built-in Camera

Samsung UHD TV S9 - Camera
Built-in camera at the top of the UHD TV

There’s a built in camera on the top of the easel frame / stand of the TV. Barely noticeable but it’s there.

Samsung UHD TV S9 - Camera
Look! I’m on TV!

You can of course, use this to launch a Skype video chat, or better yet – as demonstrated to us, get the whole family to sit in front of the TV and snap a group photo!!! Then launch a social media app and share it straight away! Awesome!!!

And yes – this Samsung S9 also includes motion sensors to control your TV. For example, waving your hand at the TV to turn it on! As well as voice commands, of course, like saying “Hi, TV” to turn it on!


Pricing and Availability

There are certainly too many cool features and incredible audio and visual on display here with the Samsung UHD TV 85″ S9.

But of course, there are not much content today that you can enjoy with this UHD (4K) TV as there aren’t many TV, movies or Astro channels that shows 4K shows today. They don’t call this future-ready for nothing. So, when 4K content starts to become more widely available (4K Blu-ray, anyone?) you can watch the stunning landscapes of The Hobbit on this baybeh!


The Samsung UHD TV 85″ S9 is available on sale now at a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RM 120,000.

Yes, that is one big price tag, but you get a stunning, future-ready TV that has awesome display and giant 85″ screen with all the bells and whistles. Sure, it’s not for everyone. But if you have a deep enough pocket and wants a stunning TV for your big house, you have to see for yourself the beauty of this Samsung UHD TV S9.

For more information on the specs and features, check out the Samsung UHD TV 85″ S9 Product Page at


Samsung UHD TV 55 & 65
Other 55″ and 65″ UHD TV S9 models

And if you don’t want (or need) an 85″ TV, there are 2 other models in Samsung’s UHD TV series, namely the Samsung UHD TV 55″ S9 (Product Page here) at RM 15,999 or the Samsung UHD TV 65″ S9 (Product Page here) at RM 22,999 that could be more up your price point?

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