#LiveLifeAmplified with Maybank 2 Cards

*This is a sponsored post by Maybank*

I was approached by Maybank for their #LiveLifeAmplified campaign. Essentially, the hashtag is a call for all of us to live our lives to the fullest, without boundaries and constraints, a life without worry. Carpe Diem!

The campaign gave me some time to take a break and start to evaluate my life. Am I where I want to be in life? Am I enjoying and getting the most out of my life?

I have to admit that I tend to overthink things sometime. My blogposts are almost always longer than it needed to be. My groceries list includes things that I might need one day, so I better stock up now, but end up having to throw unconsumed stuff away. My daily tasks are super organized, and cross referenced with each other, to keep me on top of everything. My expenses are closely monitored to ensure I plan my finances properly.

While all these caution and extra work is good for me, it can sometimes be way too time consuming that I rarely have time to live in the moment. I’m always glued to my notebook that I tend to have little time to smell the roses.

Just like anyone else, I have a list (mine’s a mental note) of things I want to do, places I want to go, people I want to meet… a bucket list of sorts. Slowly, but surely, I’m checking things off in my list.

Bungy Jump – CHECK!

Get interviewed on TV – CHECK!

Angkor Wat – CHECK!

Spend more time with family and loved ones – on-going…

Travel more – on-going…


The list is never ending for me. There are still so much that I want to do in life. There are still so much that I want to see, learn and experience. Mostly, I want to be able to live my life… amplified – just like with Maybank’s campaign name, #LiveLifeAmplified

Well done, Maybank for getting me thinking about life and how I want to live it. I hope this post inspired you to think about your life, too, and how YOU want to live large in life!


All you need is to #LiveLifeAmplified with Maybank 2 Cards

To make all my dreams and wishes a reality, I would need to save up. Need to be cautious with my moolah! To be honest, I am not very good with my credit card usage. I almost always rely too much on it, where a few years ago got into very very bad credit card debt.

I learned my lesson now. I am a lot more cautious with my spending. When I do use a card, it would most likely be an AMEX charge card, where I’m required to settle the full amount at the end of the month. This way, I know I cannot spend money I don’t have. No debts!!!

Now comes Maybank 2 Cards – the only credit card that you’ll ever need. One signup, one service tax, one statement.

Maybank2 Card website


Maybank 2 Cards (Gold or Platinum) are available with an American Express Card as well as a MasterCard or VISA options. Here’s what you need to know about Maybank 2 Cards:-

  • Lifetime fee waiver
  • Minimum annual income: RM 30,000 (Maybank 2 Gold Cards) and RM60,000 (Maybank 2 Platinum Cards)
  • 5X TreatsPoints for all spend on your Maybank 2 American Express Card local & overseas spend
  • 5% weekend cashback for spend on Maybank 2 American Express Card
  • Low Finance Charge of 8.88% per annum
  • EzyPay 0% installment
  • Travel Insurance Coverage, Retail Protection, complimentary golf and so much more…

For more info, check out Maybank’s new redesigned website and product page on Maybank 2 Gold Cards HERE or Maybank 2 Platinum Cards HERE.


Maybank #LiveLifeAmplified Facebook Contest

In conjunction with Maybank’s initiative to get you thinking about how you can realize some of your life-long dreams, they created this campaign tied to their Maybank 2 Cards. All you need to do is tell Maybank how you want to make your bucket list come true, and Maybank will try to be your “Fairy Godmother” of sorts and try to help you make it happen!

On one hand, you’re taking time to realize your dreams, in the other hand, you’re joining this amazing contest where you might win some CASH to help you make your bucket list shorter!

Maybank #LiveLifeAmplified contest period is from 1 November until 31 December 2013, with  RM 10,000 CASH in Grand Prize and weekly RM 100 Petronas Gift Cards to be won.

Maybank 008

Maybank wants to help you #LiveLifeAmplified if you tell them how you want to achieve this amazing, freedom-filled lifestyle with cash prizes!!!

  • 5 X Grand Prizes of RM 10,000 each (Maybank 2 Cards Cardmembers only)
  • 40 X Weekly Prizes of Petronas Gift Card worth RM 100 each

It’s super easy to enter the Facebook contest:-

STEP ONE : Go to Maybank’s #LiveLifeAmplified Facebook Contest Page at https://www.facebook.com/Maybank/app_209877122523378 (or www.maybk.co/M2CAmp) and *LIKE* Maybank’s Facebook Page

Maybank #LiveLifeAmplified FB Gate

STEP TWO : Register your details to join the #LiveLifeAmplified contest. (You will receive an SMS code to confirm your participation.

Maybank 003

Maybank 004

STEP THREE : Click on “I WANT IN!” and you’ll be brought to a page, where you can write your wishes on the bucket list on how you want to #LiveLifeAmplified. Once you’re done, click “NEXT” to submit and you’ve automatically earned yourself 50 points!!!

Maybank 006

Maybank 007

STEP FOUR : Share the contest with your Facebook friends. Each friend who participates in the contest will earn you an extra 25 points!!!

Maybank 011

Maybank 012

STEP FIVE : Keep sharing! The more friends who participates in the contest from your share will earn you more points, giving you higher chances of winning! Check back often on the “Leaderboard” tab to see where you rank and if you need to share more!

Maybank 014

Maybank 009

The winner of the FB contest goes to the one with the highest points accumulated every week!!! So, keep sharing!

Note :

  • The “Contest” is open to all Malaysian citizens aged 21 and above as of 1 November 2013
  • Only Maybank 2 Cards Cardmembers may be eligible to win the Grand Prize. “Participants” who are not Maybank 2 Cards Cardmembers must be willing to be contacted by a Maybank representative during the next working day to apply for Maybank 2 Cards.
  • Weekly prizes are tabulated starting from 1 – 7 November 2013 onwards.

Who wouldn’t want to win FREE CASH to live your dreams?

Go to Maybank’s #LiveLifeAmplified Facebook Contest Page at https://www.facebook.com/Maybank/app_209877122523378 now to join!


Here’s your chance to tell Maybank about your current stress and worries in life, and how you would like to do something awesome towards your dream… How would you #LiveLifeAmplified?

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