Viber: New updates for BlackBerry and Windows Phone

Viber-logoWith all the internet messaging services like WhatsApp, BBM, Line, WeChat and Kakao Talk becoming so popular in app stores today, it’s no wonder why more smartphone users are looking into more internet services to replace our traditional calls and SMS plans with the telcos.

On the voice call front, we have Viber front and center as the likely most popular smartphone app of choice, along with other giants like Skype and Google Hangout (formerly Google Talk or Gchat).

Viber is an internet messaging and call (VOIP = Voice Over Internet Protocol) service that allows you to call, text and send photo messages over the internet using your mobile data or WiFi.

As most of you are likely WhatsApp users, Viber is the equivalent app to fill your needs for voice calls using internet data, instead of incurring RM 0.10 per minute charges, or whatever your plan is with your mobile operator. In a way, it’s essentially FREE CALLS using the internet!!!

This week, Viber is going strong with a couple of announcements of refreshed apps for their BlackBerry and Windows Phone clients.


Viber for BlackBerry

Announced last week, on 24 October 2013, Viber continued their strong support for its dying BlackBerry user base, who represents their 3rd largest mobile platform users.

Viber BlackBerry version in English
Viber for BlackBerry

The new Viber for BlackBerry is now available for download since end last week, and includes several new features and enhancements:-

  • User images in conversations
  • A new seen status to let users know when their messages have been viewed
  • Improved privacy settings
  • Custom location sharing
  • Multiple additional design enhancements and bug fixes
Viber BlackBerry Version in Indonesian
Viber for BlackBerry in Indonesian

At the same time, the new Viber for BlackBerry also includes better language support for translation to Bahasa Indonesia. Which, of course, makes a lot of sense, considering one of the largest BlackBerry userbase is in Indonesia!

For more information, check out Viber for BlackBerry product page at or download from BlackBerry World HERE.


Viber for Windows Phone

Viber 3.1 for Windows Phone
Viber 3.1 for Windows Phone

Yesterday, on 29 October 2013, they announced the new Viber 3.1 for Windows Phone, that improves the connection to Viber Desktop (whether PC or Mac), along with other enhancements:

  • Select new backgrounds from an all new Background Gallery
  • Windows Phone 8 Live Tiles, which let you pin your favorite conversations to your Start screen and see them update in real time
  • Improved push notifications ensure you never miss a message or call
  • Refreshed look and feel, focused on improved readability and usability

With the new integration, you can now seamlessly transfer your calls from your Windows Phone to your desktop Viber software!

For more information, check out Viber for Windows Phone 8 product page at or download from Windows Phone Store HERE.


For more news and announcements, be sure to follow Viber’s Facebook Page at or follow them on Twitter at

…. I gotta ask, for a quick poll, how many of you Use Viber and on which platform? Let me know in the comments.

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