OMG Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Pavilion, KL

I heard about the whole liquid nitrogen ice cream craze from my friend, Rebecca Saw’s blogpost on OMG here earlier this year. A few weeks ago, when I was in Pavilion, KL, I spotted their outlet at the Food Court floor. Luckily, I didn’t stuff my face silly and still had room for dessert.

OMG Ice Cream 004

Ooh My Gas (OMG) Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is located behind the escalator on Level 1 of Pavilion, at the Mercato Supermarket end of the mall.

Honestly, I had no idea that OMG stood for Ooh My Gas. I don’t even wanna go there.

OOH MY GAS SDN BHD is the first hi-tech Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Asia. Our first outlet opened at Pavilion KL on January 25th , 2013.

We are excited to bring our guest the ability to custom made – mix & match your own ice cream and we transform it from liquid to ice cream right in front of your eyes in just 1 minute.

We make everything on the spot so that our guest will get exactly what they want. Our rapid freezing process (-196C) using Liquid Nitrogen machines is free from crystallization & gives the ice cream a creamier texture which is ultra-smooth, superfine and uber cool.

~ OMG Facebook Page

Fun Fact : Liquid nitrogen is liquid version of nitrogen (gas) boiled at extremely high temperature at -196 degrees Celcius. Similar effect, but not to be confused with dry ice, which is a solid form of carbon dioxide (gas) concentrated at -78.5 degrees Celcius.


How to order OMG Ice Cream

Ordering may be confused for first timers. Don’t worry, cause OMG got you covered with a nice sign on the counter explaining the menu and how you can customise your ice cream.

OMG Ice Cream - Menu
OMG Ice Cream – Menu
  1. Pick A Base – you can choose between gelato, ice cream or soy milk base for your dessert
  2. Pick a Flavour and Colour – Choice of classic flavours (vanilla, chocolate, etc), nuts (roasted almonds, hazelnut, etc) or fruits (strawberry, mango, etc) + colour (green, bluem yellow, red)
  3. Pick your Toppings – anything from crunchy to saucy to sprinkles and premium (like Oreo’s, M&Ms, cream cheese)
  4. Choose the size – From smallest Cutie Cup (1 Colour, Flavour, Topping) for RM 12.90 or bigger Sexy size (1 Colour, Flavour, Topping) for RM 19.90 with optional add-ons at extra price

If you’re a little more adventurous, OMG also has some interesting, recommended specials, promotional and seasonal flavours you can try.

OMG Ice Cream - Durian Royale
Merdeka promotion for Durian Royale flavour

Like this Durian Royale flavour during the Merdeka promotion in August.

PS. Check the typo! “Seasional”. Hah!


Ice Creams Made-To-Order

Once your order is placed and payment is made, the staff will  proceed to make your ice cream on the spot, promised to be ready in just 1 minute!

OMG Ice Cream 005

OMG Ice Cream 006

When the ingredients based on your order is mixed and placed in this giant appliance, which will mix everything with liquid nitrogen. It’s quite a sight to watch your dessert being made, and OMG knows that you’d wanna watch. Their stand has clear glass partitions so you can watch the whole process.

As promised, in just 1 minute, your liquid nitrogen ice cream is ready!

OMG Ice Cream

These are all  3 flavours of ice creams ordered that day.

  • (Top) Gelato, Vanilla flavour + orange colour + Reese’s toppings
  • (Bottom Left) Gelato, Apple Strudels – which was the recommended “Pick of the Week”
  • (Bottom Right) Gelato, Chocolate flavour + Chocolate chip toppings

OMG Ice Cream 002

All 3 of which are Cutie Cup (small) sized gelatos, which costs RM 12.90 each, totaling to RM 38.70.

Note that there’s no additional service charge or government taxes? Me likey!

Although, apparently, RM 12.90 for a small cup of OMG liquid nitrogen ice creams may be a little pricey, compared to it’s closest competition, N Brew in Midvalley Megamall, who charges RM 9 for their smallest cup.

OMG Ice Cream 003

Just like with coffee chains, OMG has a loyalty program, too. Where you’re given a card to collect stamps for each purchase. Buy 10 and get 1 OMG Ice Cream FREE!!!

OMG Ice Cream 007

Ben here wasn’t ready for my camera, but he’s generally happy with his vanilla flavoured, orange coloured, Reese’s topped OMG gelato.

I had the Chocolate gelato with chocolate chip toppings. Yes, I’m a chocolate dessert girl. And I thought they were quite nice. I’m not really a major dessert or ice cream lover, really. But I wasn’t disappointed with this OMG liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Not the best gelato that I”ve had, of course, but certainly worth a try, if you haven’t had liquid nitrogen ice creams before. At least for the novelty factor, for once.


Have you tried any liquid nitrogen ice creams before? From OMG? From N Brew? From abroad? Let me know.


Contact Information:-

OMG Ooh My Gas LN2 Ice Cream

Address : P1.23.00, Level 1, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel No : + 60 (3) 6242 5965  / +60 (12) 392 9296

Website :

Facebook Page :

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