HTC Day : New HTC Malaysia Careline, Phone Trade-Ins and HTC Switch program

This last weekend, on 21 September 2013, HTC Malaysia invited me along with other media to HTC Day at HTC Concept Kiosk at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

Emceed by Vince Chong, we were greeted by SK Wong, Country Manager of HTC Malaysia and Sirpa Ikola, Senior Marketing Director for HTC South Asia and the HTC Malaysia team.

HTC Day at The Gardens Mall

We were introduced to several announcements which includes HTC Switch Program, Brand New Customer Service HTC Careline, HTC One X Trade-In program and the new #HTChange marketing campaign with Robert Downey Jr.

HTC Day at The Gardens Mall


Not before we played around at the demo and display station with some amazing HTC smartphones.

HTC One - Glamour Red
HTC One in Glamour Red

I even got to drool over the Glamour Red coloured HTC One. Aaarggghhh, too beautiful!!!

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HTC Switch Program

The HTC Switch Program is an educational program to let you know how easy it is to switch to a HTC smartphone from any other phones.

  • HTC Transfer Tool – app you can download on your OLD Android phone to transfer data to your NEW HTC phone (available for download on Google Play here)
  • HTC Sync Manager –  desktop software to sync content between your phone and your computer, like photo/video, contacts, calendar, bookmarks, documents and even SMS (available on selected HTC devices and downloadable here)
  • HTC Get Started – web based interface at to setup and personalise your phone online (wallpaper, apps, ringtone) and accounts settings (Yahoo, Dropbox, Microsoft) to send settings to your phone
  • HTC Backup – an app in your HTC phone to set automatic backup to the cloud (accounts, apps, settings) for easy restore if you lose, break or upgrade your phone

For more info, check out the “Make The Switch” page on HTC’s website at


New HTC Careline

HTC Malaysia have had a rather negative reputation for their Customer Support. Personally, *touch wood* I have been lucky where I never had any issues with my HTC phone that I needed to go to their Service Centre. But I have heard some frustrations from friends and readers.

Worry no more! Because HTC Malaysia announced their brand new Customer Service channel with their new HTC Careline. Now, you can call 1 800 88 9855 and a HTC personnel will come pickup your device for diagnostic and repair, then send it back to you!!!

Awesome, or what?

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HTC One X Trade-In Program

On this day, HTC Malaysia also offered a promotion for HTC One X users to trade in their phone for the flagship HTC One at a discounted price of RM 999. At this attractive price, if you were hanging on to a HTC One X, it’s a no brainer for the upgrade.

HTC Day - HTC One X trade in
Good turnout for the HTC One X trade-in program (Image Source : HTC Malaysia FB Page)

From the pictures posted on HTC Malaysia’s Facebook Page, it seems like a lot of people turned up to take advantage of this promotion. There were also many pictures of happy new HTC One users. Any of you guys one of them there?


#HTChange “Here’s To Change” campaign

Of course, HTC want to remind us that they’re currently running a collaborative marketing campaign with Robert Downey Jr (aka Iron Man) called “Here’s To Change” campaign.

See Also : HTC One available in Glamour Red & #HTChange campaign

The campaign wants to highlight that HTC is embracing change – the brand is changing, the products are changing – and you should change to a HTC, too.

In case you missed it, here’s the ad in full.

Personally, I don’t quite like this ad. But you tell me what you think…

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      1. true also..they put RDJ in to revive the company marketing as well..hope they will pull through in terms of sales..pity to see another giant going down like nokia n blackberry


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