Recycle your old Acer devices and get up to RM200 voucher

I have been an Acer laptop user for many years now. Fortunately, every time I upgrade my laptop, my old one would still be in working condition. So I can still sell it to friends or online for anyone who might need it. Helps me recover some money as well, that can go into purchasing the new machine.

There will be times when I’m not so lucky, where the laptop is no longer in working condition. What do I do then? It usually sits in my cupboard and collect dust. Until years later, in one of my spring cleaning, I finally chuck it in the bin. Same thing happens with other gadgets – phones, mouse, keyboard,  monitor, camera, etc. If only there’s a better way to recycle these gadgets?

Now, Acer Malaysia has launched a similar campaign to help you responsibly recycle your old Acer laptops – Acer Voluntary Take Back Program. The program allows you to bring your old Acer device and get rewarded with discount voucher for your purchase of your next Acer device.

Note : Logitech Malaysia did a campaign previously in March 2013, to allow you to send them your old mice and keyboard for recycling to get a rebate for a new purchase of their Logitech devices. This Logitech Trade In campaign was one smart move to manage dead gadgets.


How “Acer Voluntary Take Back Program” Works?

Acer Voluntary Take Back Program

The program only accepts Acer devices, regardless of whether it’s still in working condition or not. And they’re not talking about just laptops here, it can be either a laptop, desktop PC, netbook, smartphone, tablet, projector, AIO desktop or monitor.

Don’t bin it. Bring it and get rewarded! Send your working/not working Acer devices, whether it’s a desktop PCs, notebooks, netbooks, tablets, smartphones, projectors, All-in-One
desktops and monitors!

You can either fill in an online Submission Form or go to any Acer’s Highpoint Service Network centers and receive your discount voucher for new purchase of selected Acer devices. Once your device is verified that it qualifies for the program, you’ll receive discount vouchers up to RM 200 !!!

Acer Take Back 2013 - Voucher Value
Depending on your Acer device, you can get discount vouchers of different values

The campaign is a year long campaign – so you don’t need to rush or worry it won’t work when you upgrade your Acer device – from 1 August 2013 until 31 July 2014.

In case you’re undecided about what Acer devices to get next with your voucher, Acer even highlights the selected product range available in this program.

Acer Take Back Program - Product Highlight
Selected Acer devices available for voucher purchase here

Remember, you can just walk in to any Highpoint Service Network centres nationwide as well as the online forms.

For more information on the program, step-by-step guide on how to trade in, online submission form, voucher values, what new Acer products you can buy next, check out the website now >>

Acer Voluntary Take Back Program website at

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