Where To Eat? Ask WTFSIGTE.com (Offensive Site Review)

A few of my friends shared this on Facebook today and I simply think this site is AWESOME!!!


Sorry for the profanity, but that IS the name of the site and the F-word is literally spewed all over the site. So, chill out and just have a laugh!




The site is simple. All white spaces with just a simple search bar and a big “Search” button marked “Find Me A Place To Fucking Eat”.

Instead of typing in your location, which will also show you auto-complete options, you can enable your location for them to give you location based results. While the search is running, the loading page says, “Wait The Fuck Up”.


WTFSIGTE results

The site shows you a result of the nearest restaurant to you with Google Maps AND DIRECTIONS from your location. Complete with the address and everything!

There’s 3 links underneath:-

  • “My Location Is Fucking Wrong” – Search again
  • “No, That Place Looks Like Shit” – It scrolls through the next result and location map
  • “Actually, I’m Fucking Thirsty”  – Brings you to the nearest bar for a drink (more on that later)

If you think all these profanity is offensive, there’s a link underneath marked “Offended?” Or even if you’re curious – Click on that!

WTFSIGTE offended

Well, the page lands on a random “Insult Generator”.

WTFSIGTE offended2

It will basically just curse you out! I tried this several times and got 2 different results. If you’re not offended enough already, well, you’ll be more offended now.



They have a sister site – Where The Fuck Should I Go For Drinks dotcom


Essentially, this sister site is the same as the search for food, but a different search engine for drinks – finding you the nearest bar.


Come on, you have to take this as a humorous approach to basically, a search engine to find you the nearest restaurant and bar in your location. Peppered with helluva lot of profanity. A useful site, with a “creative” approach, no?

If you want to egg them on more, check out the site’s Twitter account @WTFSIGTE


See this one poor guy, @AnonNerdThe8D, asking about a mobile app, but got an earful of more swearing! Hahaha. Hilarious!

Hungry? Thirsty? Go check out WhereTheFuckShouldIGoToEat.com and WhereTheFuckShouldIGoForDrinks.com now.

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