BlackBerry Z10 User Review on CNET Asia Tech Factor

In case you missed my previous posts, I did a one month long review of the BlackBerry Z10, the first all touchscreen smartphone running on the redesigned BlackBerry 10 OS. The review was done with CNET Asia Tech Factor program where they got 5 users from around the Asia region to test the BlackBerry Z10.

And yours truly was representing Malaysia!!!

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The posts were done in May 2013 and includes a 4 part written review of various features and functions of the BlackBerry Z10. In case you’re wondering why I’m still writing about it now? Well, the video summary I shot with CNET Asia just came out!!!

Check out : CNET Asia Tech Factor – BlackBerry Z10

So, here’s (again) the 4 part review posts, and 2 videos, of the BlackBerry Z10 on CNET Asia Tech Factor BlackBerry program.


#1: BlackBerry Z10 – The “Make It or Break It” smartphone from BlackBerry

Early in January 2013, after months of teasing its upcoming QNX operating system, BlackBerry announced their spanking new OS completely re-engineered to compete with the Apples and Androids of the world. BlackBerry 10 OS was revealed alongside its first flagship device, an all-touchscreen smartphone – BlackBerry Z10.

In the recent years, BlackBerry (formerly “Research in Motion (RIM)”) has been struggling with a major identity crisis. While newer smartphones start to position themselves both as work AND play devices, BlackBerry fought to keep their dwindling share of the enterprise market with their Bold and Torch series. They also tried hard to go after the consumer market with their Curve series.

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#2: No-Nonsense Productivity At Its Best With Blackberry Z10

BlackBerry has always prided itself in delivering an excellent, feature-rich user experience in communications and productivity. Blackberry phones are synonymous with the Enterprise market as the leading benchmark for work phones.

Last week, I introduced to you the new BlackBerry Z10 as the first all touchscreen smartphone running on the latest BlackBerry 10 OS. The simplistic hardware with the textured back gives the smartphone a good professional feel. This week, we’ll examine how this refreshed OS and handset design makes BlackBerry so loved as a no-nonsense device. We’ll also look at how it manages your productivity and personal information with emails, contacts, calendars and notes.

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#3: BlackBerry Z10 as a “Play” Phone With Awesome-sauce Keyboard, Growing Apps Count And Browsing

After reviewing the hardware and work productivity tools with the BlackBerry Z10, we need to address the biggest selling point for this all touchscreen smartphone on BlackBerry 10 OS—the keyboard.

I’ll also address other common questions I frequently get asked about the BlackBerry Z10: What about the app store? How good is browsing on the phone? For my fellow BlackBerry fans or potential switchers, here’s my take on the Z10.

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#4: Renewed BBM And Killer Blackberry Z10 Camera Features Keeps Them In The Game

In this last post in my 4 part review of the BlackBerry Z10, we save the best for last. This post, I’ll let you in on the biggest killer features of the Z10 – BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and its new camera features to compete with all the high end camera functions in other flagship smartphones in the market today.

Before that, let’s just have a quick recap. Over the last 4 weeks, I have covered a bunch of features on the all touchscreen BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, the first flagship running on the new redesigned BlackBerry 10 OS. We talked about the hardware and unboxing, the Z10 as a work phone with its productivity apps, and last week’s “play phone” features with the on-screen keyboard, BlackBerry World app store and browser.

This week, for the final post in my month long use of the BlackBerry Z10, we must address the renewed BBM, the camera and its features, as well as my conclusion on the smartphone.

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Then, yesterday, they finally published 2 videos… one of my highlighted features of the BlackBerry Z10 and another of what other Z10 users in Malaysia like about the smartphone.

BlackBerry Z10: Malaysia Voices

Final Thoughts of the BlackBerry Z10

Word on the Street

If you want to read more about what other CNET Asia Tech Factor bloggers from other countries in the Asia region have to say about the BlackBerry Z10, check out the rest of the posts at

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So, what do you think?


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