PARAMKL 2013 : Pasar Ramadhan in Bangsar

It’s that time of the year where Muslims nationwide are fasting in the month of Ramadhan. One of my favourite things about the Ramadhan month is the abundance of Pasar Ramadhan (PaRam) around many residential neighbourhoods all over the country.


What is PaRam?

PaRam aka Ramadhan Bazaar is basically a bunch of local Malay food stalls setup during the month of Ramadhan, for Muslims to purchase food and drinks for breaking fast. Over the years, PaRam gets more and more active with bigger setup every year. These food stalls can range from jut a cluster of a handful of stalls to large football field sized stalls with anything from snacks to full meals for a big family.

Pasar Ramadhan
Pasar Ramadhan (Credit: TheMalaysianTimes)

For many years now, I have never had the chance to go to a PaRam. Because I live in city centre, there’s not much choices within walking distance. It’s usually more active around residential neighbourhoods. Secondly, I was almost always working until crazy late hours that I’m never free to go visit a PaRam, usually between 4.30 pm and 7.30 pm.


Visiting Bangsar PaRam

Thankfully though, this year my new office was just a (somewhat) short distance to the famous Bangsar Ramadhan Bazaar! It’s located on Jalan Telawi / Jalan Terasek, behind the Bangsar Food Court, in front of the mosque. So, after work one day, I drove over to the Bangsar PaRam to get myself some good local Malay food.

Check out the gallery of pictures of the delicious foRod stalls and food available at the Bangsar PaRam this year. Pictures are taken with my review unit for Sony Xperia Z, images unedited, only resized. Click to enlarge.


There’s a lot of chicken dishes available – from roast chicken, ayam percik (grill chicken in Malay spices), satay, chicken in skewers and many more. There’s also murtabak (pan fried bread with meat stuffing), other fried snacks, kuih (cakes, desserts) and many other local Malay food. Drinks are aplenty as well, from sugar cane, soya bean, fruit juices, sirap (rose syrup) and many more.

The next PaRam that I’m planning to visit is the one organised at Dataran DDEC at Jalan Kia Peng in town (near my house), held from 11 July to 2 Aug 2013 from 4.00 pm til 7.30 pm every day. Follow me on Twitter & Instagram for pictures and updates when I go next week.


Where to find a PaRam near you?

I am not very familiar with all the PaRams in Klang Valley. I am far from being an expert, just a general lover for PaRam food. I would love to be able to visit more throughout the next 3 weeks of Ramadhan.

ParamKL website
PaRamKL Website

Here are some links you can check out to look for a Param in KL near you:-

Have you been to any PaRam this year? Share with me which ones have the best food, best selection, best stall, etc. Or if you know of any online listing of great Pasar Ramadhan 2013.

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