Birthday parties for Hubby and baby Jared

Last Saturday, on 6 July 2013, I celebrated two momentous birthdays – one for Hubby and another for my baby nephew, Jared.


Baby Jared turns ONE


My younger brother and his lovely wife celebrated their baby Jared turning ONE year old. He’s the cutest baby, who looks like a crazy photocopy of my younger brother when he was a baby.


The best part is the beautiful high tier of birthday cake and the adorable cupcakes.

Jared's 1st Bday - Birthday Cake
Birthday cake, cupcakes and candy themed decorations
Baby birthday cupcakes
Cute candy blue cupcakes for baby Jared

Another highlight, thanks to my brother and wifey being the 80s baby themselves, some childhood junk food I recognise.

Childhood junk food
Childhood junk foods – jelly candies, grape flavoured gums, coin chocolates and Din Dang
Jelly candies from the 80s
Hmmmm. Jelly candies I ate so much as a kid

Happy birthday, baby Jared. Don’t grow up too fast, ya. Auntie Winnie don’t wanna grow old, too. 🙂


Hubby’s Birthday Dinner at Vineria @ BSC

Later that night, we got all dolled up for the adult’s birthday celebration for the Hubs, along with about 16 of his closest friends.


The Turkey dish was amazing. A little salty but the meat was so tender. Never knew turkey meat could taste so tender and soft. Melts in your mouth type of tenderness. Glad the manager recommended it, coz it’s off menu.


If you’ve not heard or been to Vineria It Cucina+Bar at BSC (Ground Floor, behind British India), you should check it out. Nice and cozy place, with good wine selection and hearty Italian meals. A bit pricey, but good spot for date nights and stuff.


Vineria It Cucina + Bar

G133, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), 289 Jalan Maarof, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : + 60 (3) 2287 7889

Website :


RM 4500+ bill at Vineria @ BSC
Pricey night with expensive wines

It was pricey all right. Bill came up to RM 4500+ for 18 of us with several bottles of expensive wines. RM 340++ per bottle anyone? Appetizers were over RM 100+ and main courses averaged RM 50 – RM 70 each.

After dinner, the gang moved the celebration to Twenty One Tables + Terrace at 3rd Floor in BSC.

Champagne and sparklers
Champagne and sparklers

As with all birthday celebration among my group of friends, the tradition of Flaming Lamborghini cocktail is a must!

Flaming Lambhorgini
Flaming Lamborghini for the birthday boy

As we partied on, the giant signature champagne cocktail from all Twenty One outlets was ordered. Seriously can’t taste any champagne in the giant bowl of cocktail, but good for group drinking, as always.

Twenty One giant champagne cocktail
Sipping champagne cocktails in a giant bowl

Hubs broke out in dance as the night goes on and got giddily happy-drunk.

Birthday boy is happy
Happy (and drunk) birthday boy

Thanks to everyone for coming and making it a really fun night for the birthday boy!!!


Twenty One Tables+Terrace

T1, Level 3, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), 285 Jalan Maarof, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : +60 (3) 2287 0021

Website :

Facebook Page :


Sunday, we spent recuperating. *wipes sweat* How was your last weekend?

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