Samsung Malaysia “Get-To-Know” Bloggers Gathering

Last night, on 20 June 2013, Samsung Malaysia held an informal session to “get to know” the local bloggers community. The session is meant to gather the Samsung Brand Managers and local blogger communities and social media influencers to share experiences, get to know each other and see how both parties can work closer together in future campaigns and promotions.

Well, in a word –  Party!

Samsung Malaysia Bloggers' Event
Samsung “Get To Know” Bloggers Gathering at The Pool, Jalan Ampang

The event invitation states that the party is to start from 6 pm (registration) with dinner starting at 7 pm. Initially I though I’d be late, and rushed halfway across town after work, but still managed to get there at 6.15 pm.  Surprisingly, I was one of the earliest to arrive!

Samsung Bloggers' Event 002
Me posing with the Samsung bunting, while there’s still sunlight

Everything in the venue was setup with loads of blue and white, from balloons, table cloths and table runners, centrepiece and more.

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Here at the Samsung Bloggers Event.

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Samsung Bloggers' Event - Door Gifts
Door gifts and fun activities

There were door gifts given to all guests. Once I got in the door, I was strapped on to a n arm band thumb drive (Top Left). Then I was escorted to the adjacent room where a photo booth was setup with props on a table. I got to pick among hats, wigs, signages etc and got in the booth to pose for some candid shots. Best part, everything was instantly printed out for my keeps (Top Right). As I chill around before the event starts, I was then handed another gift of a portable Bluetooth (and wired) speaker (Bottom).

Love the portable mini speakers. I was just about to go buy one X-mini speaker for work.

As with KL traffic, the event started late. The supposed 7 pm start time got pushed to about 8.15 pm instead. I skipped lunch – so I was super hungry.

Samsung Bloggers' Event 004
Hungreh – makan Samsung cookie

At the start of the event, hosted by Radio DJ, Linora greeted the guest (after tricking us to walk closer to the stage).

Samsung Bloggers' Event - Speeches
Speeches and VIPs at the Samsung Bloggers’ Gathering

Guests were introduced to Samsung Malaysia”s Brand Managers for various divisions in the Company from Mobile Phone, Notebook, Electronic Appliances and more. The longer presentation from their Social Media Guru introduced us to various innovative thinking and campaigns from Samsung across all products.

After awhile, the buffet lines opened around 8.30pm (or later) and the starving me pushed her way over to the spread of nom-noms.

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Makan time. Starving!

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It’s my first time at The Pool at Jalan Ampang, KL. I hear the place is only open for events. Food was not great, I’m afraid. It didn’t help that everyone was famished, so trays were cleared rather quickly and not replenished fast enough.

After satisfying my hunger, the event continued on with an activity involving Samsung TecTiles using your NFC enabled phone. Guests with NFC enabled phone are encouraged to download the Samsung TecTiles Android app, turn on their smartphone’s NFC and tap their phones to 5 posters spread across the venue.

Samsung Bloggers' Event 003
Samsung TecTiles – tap with your NFC enabled phone

Each of these posters include a Samsung TecTile, a small NFC enabled sticker, that can be configured for various tasks and messages. In this case, there were some Samsung related messages embedded in them. Non NFC enabled phone users can still participate by scanning the QR code on the poster, as well.

Later in the night, after dinner, guests were asked to name 2 of the 5 messages from the Samsung TecTiles posters to win a 5 piece pack of the Samsung TecTiles. I couldn’t get my NFC working, so I didn’t participate. 😦

Purpose of the event was to be able to mingle with the other bloggers and social media darlings, as well as get to chat with the Samsung executives. Unfortunately for me, I was too tired from work, and I didn’t know too many people (which I did chat with for a bit), I was likely the weird woman sitting in the corner that night. 😛

Not long later, around 9.30 pm onwards, the alcohol broke out.

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The alcohol is out! At the Samsung Bloggers Event.

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Had my single glass of Lychee Martini (it is School Night) then bid the night goodbye.

Thanks, Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for a good night!

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