Maxis Call Network Outage in Klang Valley on 15 June 2013

Last night, as I was checking my social networks, I noted a lot of complains from people in Klang Valley that they were unable to make or receive calls on Maxis network.


Maxis has also been tweeting and posting on Facebook on the issue.

Maxis FB post2 Maxis FB post

Even U Mobile, which does domestic roaming with Maxis was out.


I also shared Maxis’ tweet and statement on my Facebook Page and personal profile.

FB post


Just moments ago, I received the official statement from Maxis’ Corporate Communications team in my inbox:-

We apologise to our customers who have experienced difficulty in making or receiving calls in the Klang Valley and extended surrounding areas. Our engineers responded to a technical incident at 4:50pm on 15/6 and have worked around-the-clock to restore the service. We were able to isolate the fault and the voice service has been restored. Our SMS and internet services were not affected.

In view of the inconvenience caused and whilst we continue to monitor the performance of the network, Maxis will offer all its customers, FREE DOMESTIC SMS service from 6:00pm on 16/6 until 11:59pm on 17/6. Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience caused and thank our customers for their understanding and patience.

I shared this immediately on my Facebook Page, Twitter and hubby who was with me.

[UPDATE] Maxis has finally posted the same statement on their Maxis Facebook Page:-

Maxis 15 June Call Outage - Compensation

As compensation for the voice call network outage, Maxis is offering FREE domestic SMS from 6pm tonight (Sunday) until 11.59pm tomorrow (Monday). So, no WhatsApp then, just SMS like crazy!!! Hahah.

Let’s hope this doesn’t bring down the SMS and Data networks though. 😛

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