Richard Branson as Flight Attendant on AirAsia flight

In 2010, 2 billionaires, Tony Fernandes (Group CEO of AirAsia) and Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) made a bet that their respective Formula One teams would finish ahead of the other. The loser would don the Flight Attendant’s uniform and serve on a flight of the victor. Richard Branson lost.

Richard Branson & Tony Fernandes’ F1 bet (Image Source :

It’s more than 2 years since that bet, and the time is here.

(Image Source : AirAsia Facebook Page)

Richard Branson was supposed to serve on the longer haul London to Kuala Lumpur route, but as you know, AirAsia X has since cancelled that route. So, yesterday, on 12 May 2013, Richard Branson got his legs shaved, put on a full make up with lipstick and false eyelashes and dressed up in a custom made AirAsia X Flight Attendant’s uniform for a flight from Perth, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I think this is all really funny and a showcase of both billionaires being such great sports. Both eccentric bosses have always been fun, down-to-earth and known for their awesome sense of humour.

I’ve also been sharing some pictures and videos on Facebook and Twitter. In case you missed them, here’s a collection of my favourite moments.

It started with a shave (Image Source : The Malaysian Insider)

Our man, Branson sat down in his tightey-whiteys for the world’s press to watch, as his legs were being shaved. Note the beer in hand. Hahaha. Yeah – I guess it’s understandable to need a drink in a moment like this!

The only thing that he apparently insisted is not to shave his beard.

He got his face all made up, with red lipstick, blue eyeshadows and false eyelashes, too. Pretty…

The prettiest Flight Attendant ever!!! (Image Source :
The prettiest Flight Attendant ever!!! (Image Source : 
Full garb in AirAsia red uniform, and fishnet stockings, summore. (Image Source : Daily Mail)

Branson is required to do the full set of duties as per any AirAsia Flight Attendant in the almost 6-hour long flight. This includes doing the Safety Briefing demonstration, along with the other (proper) Flight Attendants. Watch this hilarious video of his clumsy demonstration, thanks to Azran Osman-Rani, CEO of AirAsia X.

Our pretty Flight Attendant has to serve drinks and everything…

Juices from the prettiest Cabin Crew? (Image Source : BBC)

Of course, with Tony sitting right in the front in his VVIP seat…

Richard Branson serving Tony Fernandes with his “kangkang” legs. (Image Source : AirAsia Facebook Page)
Includes spoon feeding, too (Image Source : AirAsia Facebook Page)

For the fun, Richard Branson “accidentally” spilled the tray of drinks on Tony Fernandes.

Richard Branson spills drinks all over Tony Fernandes (Image Source : Jenson Button Fan Facebook Page)

All these, as good a publicity stunt, and billionaires honouring their side bets, was actually a charity flight. According to The Star, they raised over RM 600,000 (AUD$ 200,000) to Starlight Children’s Foundation in Australia, for ill children.

When they landed in LCCT in Kuala Lumpur, they was quite a procession awaiting the 2 tycoons and they ended it with a bit of a Press Conference.

Landed in LCCT (Image Source : AirAsia Facebook Page)
Wash off with champagne (Image Source : Daily Mail)
Strong also, huh, this Tony… (Image Source : Getty Images)

Then, both bosses kissed, made up, and likely started planning their next bet…

Tony and Richard sitting in a tree (Image Source : SG Yahoo News)
Happy bosses (Image Source : Daily Mail)

This news gives me a tingly, fuzzy feeling to see how 2 billionaires can still let loose and have fun. It’s all for fun, and they managed to raise money while at it. Well done!

What do you think? Pretty or not?

(Image Source : ABNXcess)

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