CNET Asia Tech Factor BlackBerry Z10 Review #1

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, you’d hear that I was recently selected as reviewer for CNET Asia’s Tech Factor program where their readers from Asia review a different product every month. This month, the product being reviewed is the BlackBerry Z10 – the latest all touchscreen smartphone running the new BlackBerry 10 OS.

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I represent Malaysia (!!!) for this Tech Factor BlackBerry Z10 review and I’ll be posting one post a week for a month on my take on the device. At the end of the program, a “winner” will be selected, where I stand to win the device, as well as some other prizes. That’s not so much the point for me. I’m just really happy to be selected to be featured on CNET ASIA!!!

This is a huge honour for me as a reader of CNET Asia for so many years. If you don’t know, CNET is a major tech site with presence globally. Every time I’m reading reviews on gadgets and researching on latest tech toys to get, I always check CNET”s review. Hubby watches CNET TV programs quite religiously on our Smart TV at home, too. To be selected for a Tech review program is a big deal for me and I’m very very happy of this achievement.

Thanks to BlackBerry Malaysia, I got the review unit from them that I have been using as my primary phone for a little over 2 weeks.

It was a bit of a learning curve to get used to the new BlackBerry 10 OS coming from Android phones all these while. The hardware was nice with a lot of great features like BlackBerry Hub (unified inbox), awesome on screen keyboard (with great predictive texting), improved Camera features (along with Story Maker and Tilt Shift) and so much more.

But I digress.

CNET Asia Tech Factor - Reviewer Profile
CNET Asia Tech Factor – Reviewer Profile

Check out the Tech Factor landing page on the BlackBerry Z10 review at

My first Post #1 of the 4 part review of the BlackBerry Z10 is up where I cover the unboxing of the phone, along with hardware overview and my first impression of the device.

CHECK OUT MY POST : BlackBerry Z10 – The “Make It or Break It” smartphone from BlackBerry

Winnie & Blackberry Z10
Winnie & Blackberry Z10

READ IT NOW : BlackBerry Z10 – The “Make It or Break It” smartphone from BlackBerry

If you like it, please remember to *LIKE* the post (with your FB login) and share it with everyone you know.

In the next post next week, I will cover the user interface of the BlackBerry Z10 on BlackBerry Flow, BlackBerry Hub, the Peek gesture as well as work and productivity features of the device. Stay tuned to the CNET Asia Tech Factor page… of just follow me on social media for the announcement when the posts are up.

There will be a video interview portion for this program at the end of my written review, too. Which is why I’m asking around for any working professionals out there willing to be interviewed on video  by me, talking about your smartphone usage, and your thoughts on the new BlackBerry. You don’t have to be a BlackBerry user, just a BlackBerry lover. 🙂

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