Heads Up:TECH 16 – April Fool’s roundup, Google Translate, Gmail and Facebook Home

A little late but here’s this week’s episode of Heads Up:TECH episode 16, the 5 minute weekly tech update show for the non-tech savvy. Since we just finished April Fool’s Day pranks yesterday, we round up the best of tech pranks. Then, there’s news from Google on Google Translate going offline, Gmail’s new compose window and upcoming Facebook’s Android announcement this week.

Here’s the video:-


For more information and links on the stories covered in this week’s video, check out the links below…

April Fool’s Day 2013 Pranks

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Google Nose (beta)
Google Nose (beta)

April Fool’s Day was yesterday on 1 April 2013. In keeping up with the tradition of pranking people, a lot of tech sites went crazy with trick services and fake websites. Google has Google Nose (search and smell), YouTube shutting down (it’s an 8 year long experimental contest, they say), Gmail Blue (an “upgrade” that turns your Gmail into all shades of blue), Twitter redesign to exclude vowels ($5 /month if you wanna use your AEIOUs) and more.

Check out all these fake announcements:-

Including a 12 hour long fake “Nomination Announcement” video where they read out random videos and its descriptions, as if they’re nominated for the fake contest. Boy, that is dedication, I tell ya..

Of course, there are loads of roundup posts online:-

Right here in Malaysia, these are my favourite 2 local pranks…

DiGi’s Vintage Phone plans

DiGi Vintage Phones (*Image Source : LowYat.net)

Kuali.com :  Nando’s Malaysia opens outlet in Mars


Nando’s Malaysia opens outlet in Mars (*Image Source : Kuali.com)



Google Translate gone OFFLINE

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Offline mode for Google Translate
Offline mode for Google Translate

If you travel and would like to use Google Translate, but don’t want to subscribe to data roaming or a local data SIM or can’t find a steady WiFi connection, you’ll love the news that Google Translate is now available in offline mode for over 50 languages. You’ll need to download them before travel, and Google says that the downloaded version is almost as good as a real time fully online version.



Gmail’s new “Compose” window is now default for everyone

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Gmail new compose popup
Gmail new compose popup

Yes, when Gmail tested the beta for the new “compose” pop up window (which I covered in December 2012 in Heads Up:TECH 4 HERE) they gathered all feedbacks, which was all positive. So now, they’ve enabled this feature as a default for everyone. Whether you like it or not, now, everyone who uses Gmail on the web, will see the new “Compose” popup window at the bottom right, instead of the full screen “new message” view.

There’s a temporary way for you to switch back to the old view, but remember – it’s TEMPORARY. You’re gonna have to get used to this! Blergh…



Facebook Home for Android

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FB new home for Android (*Image Source : The Next Web)
FB new home for Android (*Image Source : The Next Web)

Facebook sent an invite to the major tech journos that they’ve a major Android related announcement this upcoming Thursday, 4 April 2013 in their HQ. If this is a regular Android redesigned app announcement, they likely wouldn’t hold a press event for this. So, speculations are wild on what the announcement would be. Could it be a much rumoured Facebook Phone? Would it be a Facebook skin for Android UI? Rumoured collaborations with HTC as well?

Read all these rumours, speculations and some supposed leaks…



Bonus Story : My live TV talk show appearance on Bella @ NTV7

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Follow me on Facebook (facebook.com/winniekepala) or Twitter (twitter.com/winniekepala) or Instagram (instagram.com/winniekepala) and you’ll likely see that I was a guest on a local women talk show called Bella on NTV7, a local national TV, talking about Women and Gadgets.

Firstly, thanks for those who caught it LIVE on that Thursday morning, and thank you so much for all your support.

For those of you who missed it, or not in the country, you can now catch it online on Tonton.com.my by searching for NTV7 (Channel) > Bella 2013 (Programme) > Episode 59 hosted by Elaine Daly.


You will need to signup / login to watch this, but no worries, it’s FREE.

PS. Sorry I can’t exactly rip it and post it on my YouTube, I don’t want to violate any terms. 😦



Thanks once again for watching, please LIKE, comment, subscribe and share this video. See you all next week!

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