Heads Up:TECH 14 – Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Kills Google Reader

Yes, the headline is misleading. But hey- big tech news week last week when we see the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Then, on the day of the new Pope election, we have Google’s killing of Google Reader trending more than the Pope news. There  are also other announcements from Twitter, Facebook and more.

Check out this week’s video for Heads Up:TECH, my 5 minute weekly tech update for the non-tech savvy:-


For more details on the stories covered in the video this week, click on these links:-

Launch of Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung Galaxy S 4


Samsung has finally unveiled their 2013 Android flagship smartphone in a theatrical display in New York, USA last week. We were introduced to an “evolutionary” device with a 5″ Full HD Super AMOLED display, 1.9 GHz quad core / 1.6 GHz octa core processor, 16/32/64 GB storage, 13 megapixel rear camera, 7.9mm thin device running on latest Android 4.2 Jellybean OS.

In case you just want a quick overview on the new Samsung Galaxy S4, just watch this video “Introducing Samsung Galaxy S4” from SamsungMobile YouTube channel.



Google Reader Shutdown in July 2013

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Google Reader shutdown
Google Reader to shut down in July 2013

On the day of the new Pope Francis election, there was another news that was trending worldwide – the announcement from Google that they will be shutting down Google Reader as of 1 July 2013. This is shocking news to a lot of power RSS users like myself as Google Reader is the source of how I keep my RSS subscriptions in sync, where I subscribe to over 200+ sites that I read daily.

Check out these links:-



Other Tech Stories of the Week

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Twitter for Windows 8

Twitter for Windows 8 (Image Source : Engadget)
Twitter for Windows 8 (Image Source : Engadget)

Twitter announced that they finally have an official client for Windows 8 that is touch friendly, for those of you with touchscreen laptops / desktop. And of course, friendly for those with the Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro.

WhatsApp Messenger for Blackberry 10

WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 OS (Image Source : Teknoflas)
WhatsApp for Blackberry 10 OS (Image Source : Teknoflas)

If you recently got your hands on the Blackberry Z10, you’ll now be happy to know that there’s now an official app for WhatsApp Messenger for your Blackberry 10 OS device. This is a native app, built for the BB 10 OS and not an Android ported version, so it works really well pulling contact from your Blackberry phonebook.

New Facebook Timeline

New Facebook Timeline (Image Source : Gizmodo)
New Facebook Timeline (Image Source : Gizmodo)

Not long since the announcement of the New Facebook News Feed (covered in last week’s Heads Up:TECH here), we have new announcement that Facebook is on a redesign rampage and announcing a new redesign for your Timeline profile.



Bonus Story

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Just a little light, non-tech entertainment for you to close this week’s show. Here are two interesting (and uncanny) pictures of dogs who look like celebrities.

Samuel L Jackson Dog
Samuel L Jackson Dog
Steve Buscemi Dog
Steve Buscemi Dog



QOTW : Question of the Week

My question for this week somehow follows up on the QOTW from last week…

What do you think about the Samsung Galaxy S4?

Go ahead and write down your thoughts, if you like it or you don’t. Or anything else you’d like to add about the Samsung flagship.


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See you guys again next week!

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