Heads Up:TECH 13 – Galaxy S IV Leaks, updated Twitter and Facebook News Feed

The mobile world has not stopped as we count down to the launch of Samsung Galaxy S IV this week. We cover some leaks about the highly anticipated phone. Social media gives us a bunch of announcements on from Twitter updated mobile apps and then Facebook went and (again) redesigned your beloved News Feed.

Check out this week’s episode of my 5 minute weekly tech update show for the non-tech savvy, Heads Up:TECH episode 13 this week:-


For more details on the stories covered, click on the links below:-

Samsung Galaxy S IV upcoming launch

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We now know that this Thursday, 14 Mar 2013, Samsung will unveil their 2013 flagship Android superphone. They even released this teaser video.

As we count down closer to the date, the rumoured specs, suspected features and leaked images started to surface.



Twitter and TweetDeck updates

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Twitter Mobile & Mobile Site updated
Twitter Mobile & Mobile Site updated

Twitter have been busy. In the last couple of weeks, they’ve been announcing a slew of updates for their mobile apps and mobile site.


TweetDeck (owned by Twitter) also did their announcement – that they’ll stop TweetDeck for iOS, Android and their Adobe AIR clients. They’ll be focusing on their mobile web app and Chrome apps moving forward. They also announced stopping Facebook integration, which means TweetDeck will be for Twitter only.

On a side note, Posterous, also owned by Twitter will shut down on 30 April 2013. Read this TechCrunch article > Posterous will shut down on 30/4, Co-Founder Garry Tan Launches Posthaven to save your sites



Facebook new News Feed coming

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Facebook's New News Feed
Facebook’s New News Feed

Facebook announced that they’re, once again, redesigning the Facebook News Feed. Although the News Feed technically have not been changed for 2 years, it’s a welcomed change when Facebook uses more white spaces and cleans up the navigations and notifications.

The new layout will also show much much bigger pictures, it also allows you to filter your News Feed by “Most Recent” stories, “All Friends” only posts and more.

For more info, and/or to signup for the waiting list, check out http://www.facebook.com/newsfeed

Other Re-designs of the Week

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Google+ announced their small redesign just a day before Facebook’s announcement. Your Google Plus profile pictures are now crazy big and there are some other minor enhancements.

YouTube also announced a new redesigned layout, which is now officially out of beta for all. It’s much cleaner and more inline with overall Google+ look and feel. For more info, check the video below or their YouTube One Channel Product Page at http://www.youtube.com/onechannel



Bonus Story

Yes, Blackberry Z10, the first all-touchscreen phone from the new Blackberry 10 OS is officially in Malaysia and on sale since last Saturday, 9 Mar 2013. There’s a one month exclusivity with Maxis where you can now purchase the phone with very attractive plans. Or wait until 8 Apr 2013 when Celcom and DiGi starts selling it with their plans.


Question of the Week (QOTW)

With the Samsung Galaxy S IV launch so close, I have to ask…

Are you excited about the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S IV?


Until I see you again next week, likely with the coverage on SGS4…

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