Heads Up:TECH 11 – HTC One, Google Glass, Galaxy Note 8 and more

It’s post Chinese New Year 2013 and my last Heads Up:TECH video was almost 3 weeks ago. Back to regular scheduled show, we’re back with another 5 minutes episode of tech news update for the non-tech savvy.

There are too many stories in tech world the last few weeks, so I have a lot of headlines to cover. We talk about great gadgets announced such as HTC’s 2013 flagship Android superphone, the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the direct competitor to iPad mini. There’s also great news on Google Glass, Microsoft’s Outlook.com going publicly LIVE for all, Skype’s newest Voice Messages feature and a bunch of other headlines that we can’t cover in a 5 minute video.

Here’s the video for this week.


For more details, here are the links to the stories:-

HTC One announced

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Last Tuesday, 19 Feb 2013, I was invited to watch the private live stream of the unveiling of HTC’s latest 2013 flagship Android superphone – the HTC One. It was a simultaneous event held in London (which I watched and live tweeted) and one in New York City.


Here are some links you might want to check out on the story:-

If you want to watch the (belated) launch video, HTC was kind enough to post the full video of the London launch, too.



Google Glass UI video

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On Wednesday, 20 Feb 2013, Google released a video showcasing the updated features that they’ve included in Google Glass, their eye glass with a HUD (Head Up Display) that ties with various Google services.

Google Glass


Google Glass

Check out the amazing video.

The video showcases Google Glass being activated by just saying, “OK Glass” and its capability to not only take pictures and videos, you can now also do Google Search (by voice or images), check Google Maps, so Google+ Hangouts and so much more. Unfortunately, it’s only now selectively available to their developers at USD$1500.

Other than the video, here are some more news on the Google Glass front:-



Samsung Galaxy Note 8 announced

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Today marks the start of Mobile World Congress (MWC 2013) in Barcelona, where all mobile companies in consumer and enterprise market will start announcing a bunch of products and services. Like HTC’s effort to not drown their announcement in the midst of this conference’s news, Samsung has announced their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on Saturday, 23 Feb 2013 before MWC 2013 starts.

*Image Source : Cnet
*Image Source : Cnet
*Image Source : ITProPortal
*Image Source : ITProPortal

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is exactly as the name suggests, it’s an 8″ Android tablet from the Galaxy Note series that comes with Samsung’s S Pen stylus. This is Samsung’s direct response to the iPad mini, although, many would likely point out that they’ve just increased an inch to their very successful 7″ Android tablets like Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and Galaxy Tab 7 Plus OR a mere 0.3″ addition to the Galaxy Tab 7.7.

Here are some links on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that you should check out:-



Microsoft’s Outlook.com and Skype news

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Microsoft has some news in the recent weeks.

Outlook.com is Microsoft’s direct competition to Gmail and they’ve unleashed a new Marketing campaign named Scroogled to lure you away from Gmail.


Previously, Outlook.com is in beta but you can still signup for your own Outlook.com email. Now, the service is finally open to public. Hotmail users are also now being migrated over to the new @outlook.com email addresses.

Check out these links:-

Then, there’s also some announcements from Skype in the form of Video Messages feature. Like how you’d leave a voicemail on someone’s phone, you can now record and leave a video voicemail on Skype. But this feature is only available for Mac, iOS and Android only for now.



Other interesting Tech Headlines

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There are so many other interesting headlines in TECH that I can’t get to cover in my video this week. Nevertheless, here’s some links for more stories this week:-



Once again, there’s no QOTW (Question of the Week) in the video, or Bonus feature story.

So, let’s end with a movie trailer of Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s upcoming movie, The Internship, featuring the real life Google HQ.


Also, I want to remind you to stay tuned here on my written blog for several gadget reviews coming up – Jabra HALO2 headset (Bluetooth headset), HTC Butterfly (5″ Android smartphone), CSL Switch Pluto (entry level dual-SIM Android smartphone) and the much delayed Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook (touchscreen Windows 8 thin and light laptop).

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See you again next week!

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