Coway B-day event with Real Women Real Voices

Last Saturday, I attended a Coway B-day event by Real Women Real Voices. The all ladies only function was held at ABC (Acme Bar & Coffee) at Troika, just a stone’s throw away from my apartment.

Coway B-Day 008The intimate affair hosted a group of approximately 50 ladies who were invited in pairs. There were loads of activities planned which included various games and Q&A to score points for the Grand Prizes of Coway bidets at the end of the tea party.

Coway B-day - Celebrity Personalities
Table place cards with different paired celebrities or characters

On every seat, there were place cards with different female celebrity or characters that guests get to choose. At the back of each card, there were brief descriptions on the character. I originally selected Miranda Priestly & Andrea Sachs from Devil Wears Prada as my alter-ego characters.

Unfortunately, when my girlfriend couldn’t make it, I was immediately paired up with another girl I met there (Hi, Ai Leng) who was coincidentally alone, too.

Me and Ai Leng in Team Betty & Veronica from The Archies
Me and Ai Leng in Team Betty & Veronica from The Archies

Throughout the afternoon, we were served delicious hors d’oeuvres and pastries, while coffee, tea and Sprite kept flowing.

Finger food
Finger food

The afternoon was filled with loads of games and Q&As for all pairs of ladies. Each round, we get to score points, represented by coloured ice cream sticks which were tabulated at the end of the evening.

Answer sheet for one of the rounds of Q&A
Answer sheet for one of the rounds of Q&A

Games and activities rounds were all Bathroom / Hygiene related (it is a Coway event), ranging from General Bathroom Knowledge objective questions (eg, How many squares of toilet paper does an average person use in a day?) to Open Feedback from the guests (eg, What’s your most interesting travel related bathroom story?) to Creative List of as many words as you can think of that people use to name the “Bathroom”.

In one of the more interesting rounds, we were asked to leave a lipstick  mark on post-it notes with our team names on it. Check out mine…

Post-it notes where we were supposed to leave our lipstick marks and character name
My weird looking lips on Post-it notes

There were boards at the front of the room, where we’re to vote for our favourite – Movies, Men and Dream Job. At the end of it, we were told that we get scored if we think alike with our partner in our team. Considering I just met my partner that day, I don’t think we scored very well. 😛

Ladies selecting their choices with their post-it notes
Ladies selecting their choices with their post-it notes

Note : Among the limited choices available, I voted for Brad Pitt (Favourite Men/Hunk),

My team (Betty & Veronica) ice cream sticks score
My team (Betty & Veronica) ice cream sticks score
Our jar of colourful ice cream sticks
Our jar of colourful ice cream sticks

Unfortunately, my team didn’t win the highest score for the day. Another team named Thelma & Louise got the Grand Prize of a Coway Bidet each.

Coway B-Day 009
Grand Prize winners

At the end of the event, we all adjourned outside to take a group photo.

Coway B-day event
Group photo at Coway B-day event (*Image Source : Real Women Real Voices Facebook)

For more pictures from the event, check out Real Women Real Voices Facebook Page’s album HERE.

It was a good Saturday afternoon event, right after a public holiday for Federal Territory Day. It was also especially nice that I got to meet up with my old high schoolmate, Rina Omar, who was the emcee for the event. Do you know, we used to sit next to each other in class?

Me and Rina
Me and Rina

I got home and immediately opened up the Door Gift that was given at the event. What a surprise – they’ve given all of us a Be Good handmade package consisting of scrubs, lotions and lip balm. All hand made!

Well done, Coway and Real Women Real Voices for a great Ladies-Only afternoon!

PS. I’m not paid to say this, but I also recently got the Coway bidet for our master bathroom and it’s awesome! So convenient, so pampering and very hygienic. Go check it out on Coway’s website HERE.

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