Heads Up:TECH 10 – Blackberry 10, Office 365, Twitter, iPads and Videos Galore

It’s Monday, 4 Feb 2013 and another pre-Chinese New Year episode of Heads Up:TECH – the weekly tech update show for the non-tech savvy.

After a slow news week last week, we have so much headlines to cover in this video. This week we go more than 5 minutes to bring you a bunch of tech news headlines from the recent Blackberry announcement to Microsoft’s Office 365 and Windows 8 update to other news on Twitter, iPads and a generous bonus of videos for you to watch.

Check out the video below.


For more information, details and links mentioned in the video, click on to read more.

Blackberry 10 Announcement

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Last Tuesday, on 29 Jan 2013, as promised RIM, the makers of Blackberry had a major announcement event to officially introduce everyone to their much anticipated new Operating System (OS) called Blackberry 10.

The event included a few news-worthy announcements which includes:-

There were no major surprises with the announcement, as I covered in my last Heads Up:TECH 8 with all the leaked news and images of the devices.

Blackberry Q10 (*Image Source : TechCrunch)
Blackberry Q10 (*Image Source : TechCrunch)
Blackberry Z10 (*Image Source: Engadget)
Blackberry Z10 (*Image Source: Engadget)

Almost immediately after the event, the major US tech blogs started releasing their reviews, previews and first impression posts on Blackberry 10 (the OS) and the 2 new BB10 devices running this OS – the Blackberry Q10 (touchscreen and hardware QWERTY keyboard phone) and Blackberry Z10 (all touchscreen phone). Check out some of these articles here:-

For more information on Blackberry 10 and its devices, go to Blackberry’s website at http://global.blackberry.com/blackberry-10.html and a bunch of videos at their YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/BlackBerry

Just a few hours ago, this morning for fellow Malaysians, Blackberry released their first Blackberry 10 commercial during the American football extravaganza, Super Bowl.



Microsoft launches Office 365 / Office 2013

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Office 365 Home Premium MY

Finally, early last week, Microsoft announced that this Office 2013 / Office 365 is finally live and available for public.

Instead of the usual box you’d purchase with the CD and product key, Microsoft is pushing for a subscription type model. You pay a monthly or annual fee to get Office 365 available on your desktop as well as on public computers (with or without Office installed) available on the web via your browser, and supports up to 5 devices in ONE subscription!

For more info, check out :-

Office 365 Home Premium on this subscription model is priced at RM 24.99 (USD$ 9.99) per month -or- RM 249.99 (USD$ 99.99) per year; which gives you MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS One Note, MS Outlook, MS Publisher and MS Access 2013 + 20 GB SkyDrive cloud storage + 60 minutes Skype calls, for up to 5 PCs or Macs.

You can still buy the box set with ONE product key to install on ONE computer, like you’re used to. Those are priced from RM 339.99 (USD$ 199.99) onwards, which you can view the pricing plans HERE.

I have been trying Microsoft’s FREE Consumer Preview for their latest Microsoft Office named Office 365 or Office 2013 since October 2012. I absolutely love it. The changes to make the layout and design was much better and cleaner. There are some amazing upgrades and new features that I just love – like cloud storage of your Office files in the cloud via SkyDrive (tied to your Microsoft account like Hotmail, Outlook.com or Windows Live ID), PowerPoint in widescreen 16:9 ratio, Excel automated charting and pivot tables, Word formatting options, Outlook integrated with your Skype account and so much more.



Microsoft’s Windows 8 Upgrade Program

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Windows 8 Upgrade

If you don’t know, when Microsoft launched Windows 8 some months back, they had a program offering users to upgrade their existing Windows installation (be it Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7) to the latest and newest Windows 8 for a cheap cheap price of USD$39 and at one point in Malaysia, we got a super cheap price of RM 45 to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro.

That discounted promo offer is now officially over as of 1 Feb 2013.

Check out these links:-

Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 Operating System is now available for upgrade from your existing Windows installation (XP, Vista, Windows 7) starting from RM 169.99 (USD$ 119.99) for Windows 8 and RM 289.99 (USD$ 199.99) for Windows 8 Pro.

I have upgraded my old laptop to Windows 8 (from Windows 7) as soon as it was available in October 2012. Although Windows 8 works best with a touchscreen device, and the tile based Start Menu and its app might take some time to get used to; using the Desktop function is exactly the same as with Windows 7. I now have upgraded to a touchscreen Windows 8 optimized laptop and am still loving Windows 8.



Twitter Accounts Hacked

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Last Friday, 1 Feb 2013, Twitter released a blog post HERE to announced that they’ve discovered a security breach – 250,000 Twitter accounts were hacked! Twitter immediately sent emails to the affected users to let them know that their passwords have been reset(ted?) and asks for them to change their passwords and login again.

Check out these links:-

I advise you to follow Twitter’s advise and change your passwords anyway. Remember to always create a good strong password – CAPITAL and lower case, alphabets and numbers, include symbols and make sure its a (relatively) long one over 8 characters.



iPad introduced 128 GB storage model

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Quick announcement came from Apple, that they’ll be selling a 128 GB model of the iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation model) starting tomorrow, 5 Feb 2013 in US.

iPad 4

Check out these links:-

Apple iPad 4 with 128 GB storage will be selling for USD$ 799 (WiFi only) or USD$ 929 (WiFi + LTE). For the Americans, check back on Apple’s web store HERE tomorrow when it becomes available.



Bonus : Videos Galore

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There are a few good videos in the last week that you should check out:-

  • YouTube Ads Leaderboard for January 2013 – a collection of the highest viewed YouTube ads for the month of Jan 2013. You know ads you see before a YouTube video, that you didn’t immediately click “Skip Ad”?
  • Mashable : Super Bowl 2013 Commercials: Watch Them All Here – Americans just finished a Sunday of nachos, beer and American football overload with this year’s SuperBowl, likely one of the biggest sporting event in the country. Advertisers spend millions creating commercials for this day and here’s some great collection of the best for the year.

PS. The original video I watched (in HD) that I shared on my Twitter and in this week’s video is now removed due to copyright issues. So, watch this not-too-clear version while it’s still up.

  • “Star Trek : Into Darkness” SuperBowl trailer – The 2nd installment of the rebooted Star Trek by JJ Abrams is out, teasing clips of Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cucumber-Patch Cumberbatch… I wish they show a little bit more. This makes me excited now.



Since this week’s video went over 5 minutes, there’s no QOTW (Question of the Week). Instead, I’d like to get your feedback on these weekly tech update videos.

Based on YouTube views, I get an average of 200 views per video (which is unlike my gadget review videos), which is always better than having only 2 person viewing my videos (Thanks, mom and Hubby). 🙂 Thank you to those who have been watching, sharing and supporting my effort. It takes a full day (over 8 hours) for me to research the stories, compile the links, shoot the video, edit the video, upload and publish the videos and share it with you. This takes quite some effort, although I love making them.

Let me know…

Do you enjoy these videos? What would it take for you to help me share these videos?


As a final note, I want to wish all my readers, viewers and supporters…


PS. There will be no video next week when I’m celebrating Chinese New Year. So, see you all the following week on 18 Feb 2013.

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