Resorts World Genting Launches Mobile App

Last Thursday, 17 Jan 2013, Resorts World Genting (RWG) had a press event to announce a milestone achievement for their mobile app. In less than a year, Genting has achieved over 100,000 downloads of their mobile app for both iOS and Android version combined.

In the Press Event, the executives of RWG took time to share their vision, strategy and roadmap for mobile moving forward.

Resorts World Genting Executive Vice President, Dato’ Kevin Sim together with its Senior Vice President of E-Service, Mr Thomas Ng and Vice President of Marketing, Mr Chow Wei Heng.
Resorts World Genting Executive Vice President, Dato’ Kevin Sim (3rd from left) together with its Senior Vice President of E-Service, Mr Thomas Ng and Vice President of Marketing, Mr Chow Wei Heng.

Having first launched the Genting website  at in 1997, RWG continued it’s online efforts with a web booking engine (iHoliday) in 2010 as well as e-kiosks check-in system at their hotels.This year, RWG made clear their intentions on going mobile.

With over 100,000 downloads currently (65% on iOS and 35% on Android), RWG’s mobile roadmap will include a Windows Phone 8 app (Q1 2013) and on-going development of a mobile web app, Windows 8 desktop app and tablet optimisation of the app on iPad, Android tablet and Windows 8 tablets. Their aim is to achieve over 200,000 downloads by end 2013.

Showcase of RWG mobile app
Showcase of RWG mobile app

RWG also noted that they will be exploring enhancements to their mobile apps to include multi-touch capabilities, NFC check-ins / payment with their e-kiosks, and possibly Augmented Reality (AR) features as well.

These are mighty big and lofty goals for RWG to achieve in 2013 alone.

When only time can tell, the day’s event was very much focused on introducing RWG’s mobile app achievements as No. 1 Travel App in Malaysia and Singapore (iOS) and Top 10 Travel App in Malaysia (Android).


About RWG Mobile App

Demo & Showcase of Resort World Genting mobile apps
Demo & Showcase of Resort World Genting mobile apps

There were several booths to allow the guests to experience the mobile app across various OS such as iOS, Android and Windows 8. The guests were also encouraged to download the app on our own smartphones, where a complimentary hotel stay at First World Hotel in Genting was offered to all guests present.

Here are some highlights of the Resorts World Genting mobile app:-

  • Allows Worldcard members to check their points and make room reservations via iHoliday (point redemption available only in Q3 2013)
  • Menu of info and pictures of their hotels, theme parks, food & beverage outlets and promotions
  • Updated info on Shows and Events, Highlights and more
  • “My Planner” with ability to plan their trip and activities

I downloaded the app to experience it on my own and immediately used the app to reserve my FREE hotel stay. Below are some screenshots of the RWG app for Android:-

You can download the Resort World Genting app for Android HERE on Google Play Store and for iOS HERE on iTunes App Store.

Personally, I feel that the app  is a rather basic brochure-type info of their hotels, theme parks and attractions. It was also rather slow for the pages to load between the menu navigation. Although there are capability for Worldcard point checking and basic room booking (which will likely be the biggest selling point for this app), the app still needs a bit more tweaks. It also doesn’t help that a lot of reviews from other users are about the app being laggy and unstable. Nevertheless, I believe that RWG will be brushing up on these bugs and issues to release more polished app soon.

If you are a Resort Worldcard member, I would recommend that you download the app and give it a go. For casual users or visitors to Genting (like me), I would likely wait for their mobile web app to be launched soon.

As per the Press Event, Resort World Genting has announced a number of great tech roadmap for their 2013 digital strategy. I, for one, look forward to seeing greater and bigger announcements from them soon. Meanwhile, well done for reaching 100,000 mobile app download, Genting!


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 Resorts World Genting is App Top Integrated Resort

Kuala Lumpur, 17th January 2013 – With the launch of Apps in 2008, it has changed the world’s communication.  At Resorts World Genting (RWG), it too has its history in digital awakening that has made the resort today the No 1 Top App Integrated Resort in Malaysia.

In the first quarter of 2012, RWG launched IOS App followed by Android App with commendable success. Within days of launching, we were No 1 Travel Apps in Malaysia and Singapore for IOS, and Top 10 Travel Apps in Malaysia for Android, respectively.  When Windows 8 App was launched in December, RWG was one of its partners. As of today, RWG App has over 100,000 downloads in less than a year.

Unlike other Apps, RWG App allows Worldcard members to check their points and make room reservations via iHoliday.  Besides that, the RWG App also has Hotel, Shows and Events, Food and Beverage, Highlights, ‘Getting There’, Social, Theme Park and My Planner menus.

In an informal media and blogger high tea session today, its Executive Vice President, Dato’ Kevin Sim together with its Senior Vice President of E-Service, Mr Thomas Ng and Vice President of Marketing, Mr Chow Wei Heng, Resorts World Genting shared its organization’s digital journey.

In his opening remarks, Dato’ Kevin Sim, Executive Vice President of Genting Malaysia Berhad said, ‘Resorts World Genting has 20 over million visitors annually and 3 million WorldCard members.  With the rise of people using online tools to communicate, buying and sharing information, we have found it beneficial in investing in digital marketing.’

He added that since the company had its website launched in 1997, the company has not stopped introducing its products using technology.  It’s website for instance, garnered over 66 million page views and had  3.6 million unique visitors in 2012. The company has also invented the e-kiosk check-in system and has its own IT support that is able to sustain its entire hotel reservation systems that serves over 10,000 rooms at the Resort.  It has also its own loyalty card system that has over a thousand retailers in its redemption program.

In 2010, its web booking, namely iHoliday was launched with shopping cart facilities for customers to make booking at their leisure.

Today, with this new tool, namely the RWG App, customers can download RWG App into their mobile phones and tablets to get connected to RWG world instantly.  Customers who are members can log on and go direct to ‘MyAccount’ to check their rewards points, expiry dates and other relevant information all in one consolidated view.

Other users who just want to stroll in the RWG App can also learn the happenings at the Resort.  One of the highlight of RWG App is the ‘My Planner’. Those who have never been to the Resort can visit this menu to find out how to plan their time at the Theme Park.  For those who are looking for excitement there is also the Exciting Variety Plan or for the young at heart, Explore and Party Plan.

‘With all these interesting information in the RWG App, the next thing you would want to do is to quickly make a booking.  This you can do by using the credit card.  By 2nd half of 2013, members can even make their bookings using their Genting Rewards Points’, says Thomas Ng, Senior Vice President of E-services.

Thomas added that RWG App is a clear example of the company’s determination in investing in technology that helps exceed customer’s expectations.  With RWG mobile app, it enables an entirely new level of speed and convenience for its customers. It will take the brand one step further in distinguishing its brand throughout the country with more customers now relying on their mobile devices than ever.

As for trends, Chow Wei Heng, Vice President of Marketing says, ‘Unlike yesteryears, reaching out to customers has changed tremendously.  Our top booking avenue is the online booking via the website and it is also where we see ourselves highest in exposure in-terms of promoting our products.  Customers talk to us via our Facebook site, Twitter and blogs and share with us their opinion about us.  We also have online travel agents as our business partners and group buying sites such as MyDeal and Groupon.  However, with the current new trend, App, it gives us another platform to promote our products.’

Moving down the social media and technology road, Chow assures its App users that they can enjoy more promotions.  There are also plans to go paperless on vouchers and redemption using this channel.  He added that users can see a fresh outlook of RWG App every April to mark its anniversary of the launch of its mobile App.  Chow says he is confident with this channel targeting at least 200,000 download of RWG App by end 2013.


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