Best of 2012

2012 has been another interesting year for me, professionally and personally. My blog here on has been a big part of it, with many interesting gadget reviews, media launch events and great posts.

This is likely my last post for the year – I’m off to a holiday to Boracay, Philippines. Before I go, I’d like to give you, my loyal readers, a good compilation of my (and your) Top 5 favourite posts here at for the year 2012.


1. My New Ride – Toyota Prius 2012 Facelift

Collecting Toyota Prius 2012 faceliftAfter almost a year of being without a car and sharing my husband’s car, I finally got my new car.

I have owned a bunch of cars over my adult life, from my first second hand Proton Satria (hatchback), followed by Honda CRV (SUV) to Proton Waja (sedan) to Toyota Fortuner (SUV) to Honda Accord (sedan) to Honda City (mid size sedan) and then carless for a year. I see a pattern of myself getting sedan or an SUV.

After much deliberations, test drives and reading loads of reviews, the hype of hybrid cars finally got to me and I fell in love with the Toyota Prius, the 2nd generation 2012 facelift version.

>> Read about it HERE


2. Stand Up Comedy in KL

2012-02 Winnie StandUp Open MicI’m never one to shy away from a challenge. What initially started as a challenge, became something that I really wanted to give a genuine shot.

I plucked up the courage (and seriously, it’s helluva lot of courage needed) to sign myself up for an Open Mic set at Comedy Kao Kao in The Bee, Publika earlier this year, to do my first and only stand up comedy act.

Although it was only a 3 minute session, it was one of the most nervous I have been EVER. It took me just over a week to get my materials together for the short set, without any practice, and I’m relatively happy it went well. I also thank all my friends who came to support me.

>> Check the full blogpost here, which includes a video of my stand up act HERE.


3. Online Site Review – ZALORA Malaysia


ZALORA.comThis was a somewhat biased post for those who knows me. Yes, confession – I worked with ZALORA a big portion of the year. I’m no longer with them now but I wrote this post as my personal experience on navigating and buying fashion items online from

Whether professionally or personally, I only started buying clothes and shoes online this year when I worked with the e-commerce retailer. Previous purchase have been mostly gadget / tech related. I now shop at several other local and international online shops for fashion. *wink*

This post seem to be a rather popular post, based on my site traffic. I noticed this, likely because online fashion shopping is becoming bigger and bigger, yet a lot of people are worried about security and trustworthiness of buying clothing online.

>> Read about my personal experience shopping online with ZALORA Malaysia HERE.


4. Apple iPhone 5 in Malaysia

iPhone 5If you are a reader of my blog, or know me personally, you’d know that I am NOT an Apple fan. You can go as far to say that I am somewhat an Apple hater.

When Apple announced iPhone 5, along with a slew of other updates to their gadgets, I wrote this rant and opinion piece, where I bashed and consolidate comments from other Apple haters (like myself) for your reading pleasure.

This post was one of the highest shared post on my blog, and didn’t compel a lot of rebuttal from iFanbois, which lead me to conclude that a lot of you shared the same emotions and reactions as myself on this silly Apple fanboi-ism.

>> Read about my Android Fangirl’s take on Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement HERE.


Maxis iPhone 5 LaunchIn the interest of being objective and cover tech news and updates in my blog, I have to give some attention to the biggest Apple launch of the year, that is iPhone 5.

I was lucky to be invited to the 3 month late launch in Malaysia by Maxis (one of the leading local telco) and covered the press conference and included pictures of the iFanbois queueing to be the first official owners of the slightly improved iPhone of the year – the Apple iPhone 5.

This is another highly popular post on my blog.

>> Read about the post of Maxis’ iPhone 5 launch in Malaysia HERE.


5. Samsung Galaxy Note II Launch, Unboxing & User Review

Samsung Galaxy Note II User ReviewYes, the very popular Samsung Galaxy Note II. The very popular phablet update to the also very popular original Samsung Galaxy Note (read the review here). With a large 5.5″ screen and an S-Pen stylus, this phone is the ONLY successful phablet in the market.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S III (read my launch coverage here, unboxing here and review here) was a much more popular phone with higher sales record, but the Note II generated a lot more hype, really.

I wrote 3 blogposts on the Samsung Galaxy Note II that is among one of my most popular posts on my blog, and I still get a lot of friends and family asking me about my opinion and recommendation on the device.

>> Read about the Samsung Galaxy Note II launch event HERE

>> Check out the unboxing pictures and video I did of the Note II HERE

>> Read the thorough review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II, which includes a must-see video on the killer features HERE


Also check out – Heads Up:TECH

Heads Up Tech 7 CoverAnother bonus note to my readers here, that I have recently continued with another regular segment on the blog called “Heads Up:TECH”. It’s a 5 minute long weekly tech news update video, specifically for the non-tech savvy who don’t have the time to stay updated on tech news like me.

This segment shares what’s important to you, the average person, without getting into too much technical details or jargons.

>> Check out all the video and detailed info HERE


In summary…

There were other popular posts that you guys like from my Restaurant Reviews section and other posts that I like such as my hosting of the 3rd Annual Havana Halloween Costume Party, but the above were good highlights of what made 2012 a great year for the blog.

As always, I love to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how I can improve my blog, what kind of posts you’d like to see more, or anything at all, please write to me here.

As the new year draws closer, I am looking forward to another great year of great posts, news and happenings, opportunities and more to come. I promise to continue to maintain the blog as regular as I can, delivering greater content to all of you, and growing the blog more.

Thank you, everyone for reading, viewing, liking, commenting, subscribing and sharing my posts. It’s these little actions that motivates me to keep the blog going.

Lastly, I want to take the opportunity to wish everyone, a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

See you all again in 2013… err… a few more days…

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