Heads Up:TECH 7 – InstaRAGE, Poke and S3 Dying

It’s Christmas Eve! Yet, I still managed to get you guys another episode of Heads Up:TECH – the 5 minute weekly tech update video for the non-tech savvy.

Here’s episode 7 for ya.

For more info on the stories, click on the details below:-

Instagram’s new Terms of Service

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We knew it was coming after Facebook bought Instagram for close to USD$1 billion. Instagram cleaned up their Terms of Service agreement recently. You know, the thing you never read, scroll all the way to the bottom and clicked “Accept”? This prompted some people to read it this time and noticed something fishy with their “Advertising” clause.

Instagram TOS


It was interpreted that Instagram was allowed to sell your pictures to Advertisers without notifying you or paying you.

Obviously that outraged a lot of people, including National Geographic releasing an Instagram image statement to suspend their account, celebrity frequent user like Kim Kardashian tweeting her dislike, even Mark Zuckerberg’s sister supported the outrage and countless articles on how to delete your Instagram account and move to Flickr.

Instagram We're Listening2

Instagram quickly released a blogpost to let you know that “they’re listening” and explain what the new change of TOS (Terms of Service) really mean… and that they’re not selling your pictures. Then, a few days later, they reverted back to the old TOS, while they work out how to word the thing properly to avoid misunderstanding.

New Mayfair filter

To pretend like they didn’t lose thousands of users who deleted their Instagram accounts, they quickly came out with a new updated mobile app (iOS and Android) with a new “Mayfair” filter.

All’s OK, right, guys?

Check out this interesting article by The Verge, explaining what the new Terms of Service really means HERE.

Basically, Instagram (like their new owner, Facebook) just wants to be able to use your pictures, profile pic and name, for paid on sponsored posts on your Instagram feed. Not sell them elsewhere, where you might suddenly see your food porn pictures on the restaurant’s menu.



Facebook released Snapchat clone

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From my last video update here, I mentioned that Facebook has updated their new Privacy settings. Now, that function is enabled globally for everyone. So, remember to go check it out and adjust “Who can see you? Who can message you?”, etc.

The more interesting Facebook news is that Facebook released a complete clone of an up and coming, popular mobile service called Snapchat. The service is basically a time-based multimedia messaging system.

It allows you to send a message (text, picture, video) and set a time between 1-10 seconds for the message to immediately self destruct or delete from the time it’s been opened.

Almost like in Mission: Impossible, except your phone won’t explode.

SnapChat screenshots

Snapchat was getting rather popular, mostly among teens who likes to sext (sex texting) and sending sexy pictures or videos, but don’t want other people to find these messages after. It’s now available on both iOS and Android.

Facebook sees how popular it has become and went ahead and created their own version called Facebook Poke.

Facebook Poke screenshot
Facebook Poke screenshot

Facebook Poke is very similar to Snapchat, a lot of people are calling it a complete rip-off. The app is available only on iOS now, so who’s gonna check it out and report back?

Mark Zuckerberg coded the app himself in 12 days and it’s even his own voice on the Poke alert sound!

Read this interesting article on the difference between Facebook Poke and Snapchat, by Techcrunch HERE.



Some Samsung Galaxy S III or S3 are reportedly suddenly dying

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An interesting news caught my eye this week, although I believe didn’t get enough attention.

Samsung Galaxy S IIISlashGear reported that a member in xda-developers.com (a mobile hackers / developer community) reported that his S3 suddenly stopped charging and finally would not turn on anymore.

In tech slang, this is called “bricking” – meaning your expensive smartphone is now an expensive brick!

Surprisingly, it seems a lot of other users are reporting the same thing happening to their SGS3.

A few days after, news came that Samsung has acknowledged that it’s a hardware problem and that they’ll investigate. Meanwhile, some users are reporting that Samsung will replace your faulty S3 with a new one though.

I don’t know if any Samsung Galaxy S 3 owners in Malaysia have been experiencing these problems, and if Samsung Malaysia has bee helpful. If you know anything, let me know?



Question of The Week

Were you outraged with Instagram’s new Terms of Service? Did you delete and quit Instagram?

Let me know…


Bonus : Gangnam Style hits 1 billion YouTube views

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21 Dec 2012, last Friday was the supposed Mayan Apocalypse. Also my birthday.

My friends got me a Tiffany necklace for my birthday. Loves it!

So, the supposed end of the world came and went and nothing happened. There were lots of jokes the next day, saying that the world was supposed to end, but we were probably saved by superheroes. Yeah, sure.

The interesting thing on this day though, was that Gangnam Style by PSY officially hit 1 billion YouTube views, making it the most viewed YouTube video EVER!

I shared this on Facebook and Twitter, a picture that was circulating around a bit before 21 Dec 2012 – Nostradamus apparently predicted Gangnam Style hitting a billion views. Hilarious!

Nostradamus Gangnam




Thank you all for watching the video, although I assume you’ve all started with your holiday celebrations already.


I likely won’t be uploading a Heads Up:TECH video next week, as I will also be away on vacation until 2013. Haha.

Have a great one, all.

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