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My birthday is near (this Friday, 21 Dec 2012) on the day of (alleged) Mayan Apocalypse. Then, next Tuesday is Christmas. I decided to splurge a little to do myself a little online shopping and buy some dresses. is one of my go-to online fashion sites. ASOS is based in UK but ships worldwide for FREE!

For local online fashion shopping, I go to ZALORA Malaysia (read my review HERE), but sometimes (in my personal opinion) the stuff abroad tends to look a wee bit nicer.

Thankfully for me, ASOS happens to be having their “up to 50% off SALE”! Woo-hoo!


Navigating & Browsing

On the top navigation, you can select to browse the catalogue by “Women” or “Men” categories. When you click on the “Women” for example, you come to this page.

ASOS Women CategoryOn the left, you can navigate to different category of fashion items ranging from clothing, shoes, accessories and more sub-categories. You can choose to look at only New Arrivals or Sale items.

If you think online fashion shopping, especially those from UK, would limit outfits to skinny, hipster women only, you’re wrong!

ASOS Petite
Check out their ASOS Petite (for Asian size girls)
Check out ASOS Maternity (for you preggers mommies)
Check out ASOS Maternity (for you preggers mommies)

There are literally hundreds of thousands of items online at and you can navigate to as detailed a category as you want.

Browse category

Browse through the categories and on the left, you can select to narrow down your search results – by size, colour, price range, brand including outfit shape, length and more. If you like continuous browsing and likely surprise yourself with a good find, just browse everything!

I can literally end up spending hours and losing a whole day just browsing through everything on ASOS, I tell ya.

Prices of items can range from less than GBP 5 to something as pricey as a few hundred UK pounds. You can navigate based on your budget. There’s really something for everyone’s price point.

When you see something that you like, click on it and it brings you to the Product Page.

Detailed product description
Detailed product description

It explains the fabric quality and even the model’s measurements, so you get an idea of how it compares to your body type. On the right, you’ll also see various recommendations on similar items.

Click to zoom into the picture
Click to zoom into the picture

Zoom into the picture to see the item in various angles. If you want this, just select the colour, size and click “Add To Cart”.



After you’re done shopping, click on your cart (at the top right) to view all the items you’ve added. If all’s in order, click the “Pay Securely Now” button.

ASOS Confirm & Pay

You’ll get to the “Confirm & Pay” page, where you double check all your items again. Here, if you have any Promo Codes, vouchers, etc, please input it accordingly.

It will also prompt you to signin or create an account, f you haven’t already

Because it’s my birthday this month, and this is my second time shopping with, and I am subscribed to their newsletters, I got a much welcomed Birthday Email from recently. Birthday Email Promo Code
Obviously, I blanked out the promo code so you guys don’t steal my 10% discount. Hehe.

I entered my 10% ASOS Birthday promo code and got my discount calculated.

In this “Confirm & Pay” page, you’ll also have the option to choose various shipping options. Yes, is operated out of UK, but THEY SHIP WORLDWIDE FOR FREE! It might take about 2 weeks for your item to arrive, but at least you don’t have to pay ridiculous UK pounds for shipping charges.

You’ll be directed to make the online payment. In my case, I used PayPal.

After making the payment, you’ll be brought back to the “Order Confirmation” page.

Order Confirmation Page

You’re redirected to the page notifying you that your order is received.

Email order Confirmation
Email Order Confirmation

You will also receive an email confirming your order, which includes your Order Number, Estimated Shipping Date, your Shipping address and the list of items you purchased.

PS. You also will automatically be signed up for’s newsletters, which will notify you of hot and new trends and items, promotions and sales.


ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace allows anyone to buy / sell new or pre-loved items

ASOS Marketplace is an interesting offering allowing anyone, anywhere in the world, to buy or sell new or pre-loved (used) or vintage fashion items. Yes, anywhere you are in the world!

You can browse by Women or Men and subsequently by sub-categories. Of course, majority of the sellers are from UK (ASOS is really very popular in their country of origin) but it really doesn’t stop anyone from listing on the ASOS Marketplace, whether you’re an individual seller or a boutique.



Yes, I ended up buying close to GBP 90 of clothing from just to get you guys these screenshots. Not that I’m complaining. Now, I just sit and wait until my items reach my doorstep soon. *itchy fingers*

I even tweeted about it… and ASOS tweeted me back.


Go check out now! Remember, they’re having their ASOS Sale now, with a lot of items up to 50% discount.

Have you checked out before? Have you shopped with them before? If so, how many times have you bought from them and tell me about your experience. If not, then why not?


14 thoughts on “Online Shopping Site Review :

Add yours

    1. I’m sure if you email them with your details, they can check and advise you accordingly. Since we’re in Malaysia, it might take some time for the items to arrive, but I’ve never had problems with order not received.


  1. Hello Winnie, so in the end, how long did it take for the parcel to arrive? Did u opt for express delivery or standard (free) delivery? Thanks! just made an order and was wondering how is the delivery performance so far,


    1. It takes about 2 weeks for the package to reach me,using their standard (free) shipping. Not too bad, really.
      Even my recent order last month during holiday season came in about 15-20 days, even though their estimated arrival was post New Year.


  2. I really wish I had known of ASOS reputation before paying those hundreds of
    dollars on a small order. Poor quality of clothes, and even poorer quality of
    customer service. They have promised a refund, but God knows when that’s
    happening. Made a new purchase with FSession, another website that makes me
    proud every time! Their customer service is more than just good and they do
    respond to the queries. Extra one star for their perfect packaging!
    Recommending FSession to one and all! Please don’t save just few bucks for
    terrible, terrible service of ASOS! Totally unworthy of my money!


    1. WOW. I have been ordering from ASOS for a long time, multiple times, up to hundreds of pounds of goods and never had any issues.

      So sorry to hear about your bad experience. At least they’re refunding you. Hope you get it soon, though.


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