Heads Up:TECH 5 – iPhone 5 Coming To Malaysia

A few days late, but I’m back with a new episode of Heads Up:TECH, my weekly tech news update video for the non-tech savvy.

This week on the show…


For more information, here are the full stories and the respective links:-

iPhone 5 Launch in Malaysia on 14 Dec 2012

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If you forgot, Apple announced their new lineup of iOS devices, which includes the iPhone 5 in September 2012. Read my opinion post on this announcement HERE. *Note : It ain’t pretty, if you’re an Apple fan…

It’s about 3 months now since that announcement and the device is available in over 50+ countries to date. In Asia, people in Hong Kong and Singapore has their hands on the iPhone 5 for awhile now. Finally, it’s announced and it’s coming to Malaysia. Apple has also announced (although it doesn’t show on the Apple Malaysia site here) that the iPhone 5 will be widely available for more countries, including Malaysia, this Friday, 14 December 2012.

Early last week, all the major telcos (Maxis, Celcom and DiGi) announced the Registration of Interest for the launch of iPhone 5 in Malaysia. Later in the week, the ROI (Registration of Interest) closed and you can now pre-order the latest Apple smartphone through their site.

Maxis iPhone 5 (Click HERE)

Maxis lists the actual RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of iPhone 5 along with the rates for their plans.

  • iPhone 5 16GB = RM 2,199
  • iPhone 5 32 GB = RM 2,499
  • iPhone 5 64GB = RM 2,799
Maxis iPhone 5 rate plans

Depending on the plan you’re signing up for, you can get the iPhone 5 for FREE, if you signup for the most expensive plan – RM 375 monthly for 24 months!

Celcom iPhone 5 (Click HERE)

Celcom have been more aggressive with the Pre-Order promo. With just RM 200, you can pre-order and secure your iPhone 5 here. Unfortunately, as of writing this post, only the 16GB version is available, the rest (32GB and 64GB in both colours) are already Out-Of-Stock.

DiGi iPhone 5 (Click HERE)
DiGi’s iPhone 5 Rate Plan

DiGi also advertise their Pre-Order options online. But it shows the price as being RM 2,012 provided you signup for any off their iDiGi plans.

Chances are, if you wait until Friday, 14 Dec 2012, you’ll be able to buy them outright without a telco plan, in authorised retail stores and online at http://store.apple.com/my



Sub-topic : iPad mini and 4th generation iPad is on sale now

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Last Friday, on 7 Dec 2012, Apple finally revealed that you can now purchase the iPad mini and the 4th generation iPad online at Apple Store Malaysia here.

iPad mini & 4th Gen iPad on sale in Apple Store Malaysia
iPad mini priced from RM 999

Pricing for the iPad mini has been highlighted by several local tech blogs. If it’s on sale for USD$ 329 in US and only RM 999, it may seem like the iPad mini could be cheaper in Malaysia (with the US Dollar so weak).

You can now get your hands on the iPad mini for RM 999 for the 16GB WiFi only version, in black or white.

4th Gen iPad priced from RM 1,499

If the 3rd generation iPad is called “The new iPad”, then this 4th generation iPad is now simply called “iPad with retina display”. You can now get it also in stores or online from RM 1,499 for the 16GB WiFi only version, in black or white.



Facebook Photo Sync launched for Android and iOS

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On 1 Dec 2012, just after I uploaded last week’s video, Facebook announced a new feature called Photo Sync.

Facebook introduced Photo Sync

Photo Sync is a feature for your Facebook app on your Android or iOS devices, which allows automatic sync of all the pictures that you took on your phone to Facebook. These pictures are synced to a private album though, that only you can see. If you want to share any of the pictures, you just need to check and select the picture(s) and share them, without having to wait for uploading.

You can read more about this feature on Facebook’s Help pages at http://www.facebook.com/help/photosync

Facebook Photo Sync for Android & iOS

This feature is similar to an existing feature called Instant Upload for Google+ as well as Dropbox (for photo backup). This is Facebook’s attempt to ensure more photo sharing is done from your mobile to your Facebook account. It can also be interpreted as using Facebook as a way to backup all pictures taken from your phone.

The internet is not too happy about this feature, really. Most feel that it’ll kill their mobile data usage, although you can set for it to upload using WiFi only. There are also some security concerns that Facebook can now hold some private pictures, which might accidentally be shared or misused.

Check out these interesting articles on Facebook Photo Sync:-


YouTube new redesign

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Last Thursday, on 6 Dec 2012, YouTube announced a cleaner and simpler look and layout to logged-in YouTube users. They explained that it’s a change to help you find more channels to subscribe and new videos to watch.

As with any layout or design change, people started complaining. Many YouTubers don’t like the change. Well, to be fair, when you’re used to a new layout, any change is always unwelcomed. Check out RWW’s article on why the YouTubers are not liking the new layout here.

YouTube homepage (no signin)
YouTube Homepage (signed-in)

As you can see from the screenshots above, the new layout uses more white space and left hand side navigation. This “dashboard” shows you different information, depending on whether you’re logged in or not.

If you are, you will see recommendation of videos for you to watch (based on popularity and your viewing behaviour) and list of activities and uploads by the channels that you’re subscribed to.

YouTube video player

When you click on to view the videos, you can see that small changes are made here, too. Not only are the navigation on the left hidden (you need to click on the 3 lines marked “Guide” to expand on more navigation options), the title of the video is also underneath the window, instead of at the top like before.

Go on, go to http://www.youtube.com and check out the new layout and redesign. Remember to sign in to see all the changes to the navigation and recommendations that YouTube made the most changes.

While you’re at it, why not subscribe to my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/winniekepala ?


Question of the Week

This week’s question is…

Did you enable the Facebook Photo Sync feature on your smartphone?


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I’ll see you again next week, on Monday, with a new video.

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