Restaurant Review : Sam U Claypot Restaurant @ PJ State

In the last couple of years, me and my family were introduced to a restaurant in PJ State called Sam U Claypot Restaurant. A relative brought us there for lunch once and we’ve been going there ever since for family dinners.

Located facing the Menara MPPJ MBPJ, it’s situated behind the row of banks (Hong Leong Bank, HSBC, etc). If you’re coming from Jalan Sultan (where the banks are) at the one way main road of Jalan Sultan, turn right after the banks, go into the square and Sam U Claypot Restaurant is on your right at the shoplots.

For parking though, it’s best to park at the open space carpark by South Pacific Seafood, which is behind Sam U. (By the way, read my review on South Pacific Seafood here).


The Menu

The logo for Sam U Claypot Restaurant is a cartoon chicken. In case that’t not a give away, Sam U is known for their chicken. Good old steam chicken rice chicken.

I am a big fan of steam chicken, not so much the roasted one. The steam chicken here at Sam U is really quite good, I must say. Because I come here with my family most of the time, we usually order the whole chicken. However, their menu shows that you can order single portions as well. You can definitely choose your favourite part of the chicken, too. eg, chicken breast, chicken wing, etc.

Sam U also serves a wicked Curry Fish Head

Say what you want about restaurants with pictures on their menu. For a good old Chinese restaurant, it is very much appreciated for me. Instead of always ordering the same dishes in different Chinese restaurants, these pictures makes the dishes look so very yummy and showcases their signature dishes.

Sam U’s Stew Pork is delicious

Yes, it’s a non-halal Chinese restaurant. You get crowd favourites like Stew Pork. Yes, it is a porky and very fatty dish, but always a classic.


The Dishes

My family normally orders dishes and have it with white rice. But in this trip where the pictures were taken, Hubby was with us. So, we have the standard “gwai-lo” food – Fried Rice and Sweet & Sour Pork.

Fried Rice
Sweet and Sour Pork

What follows will be a series of food porn…

Assam Seafood



I really like the food here at Sam U. So does my family. Whenever we were making plans to eat out, we’d almost always pick Sam U. The quality and standard seem to vary sometimes, which is quite disappointing. Nevertheless, it is usually our go-to place for dinner out.

Good food. Reasonable price.

Do check out the place if you’re ever looking for a place to eat (lunch or dinner). If you’ve been there before, let me know what you think of the food there.


Contact Information:-

Sam U Claypot Restaurant

Address : 12, Jalan Tengah, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: +60 (3) 7956-2262.

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