Restaurant Review : 10 Binjai @ Darby Park

10 Binjai restaurant is located at PNB Darby Park along Jalan Binjai right behind the Ampang Park LRT station. It was previously a car showroom (Porsche, I think) which is attached to the Darby Park serviced apartments.

I noticed the restaurant’s renovation and then, quietly, I saw that it was open for business. It’s been about a little over a month now that it’s in operations. Today, I finally took the time to go check it out.


There are 2 entrances to the restaurant –  one from the hotel entrance and another at the back from the Annexe building.



There are ample seating area in the restaurant. It is based rather large space. You can choose to sit inside, in air-conditioning…

Or dine al-fresco in the outdoor seating (plenty of space again).

You really shouldn’t worry about the sun or rain outdoor. There are nice glass roofing and a detachable awning, in case it rains.

Overall, the setup looks very much like a regular hotel restaurant. Or perhaps, you would call it a Malay equivalent of a Delicious?


The Menu

The menu are simple front and back printed placemats on your table.

I was informed that this place tends to get a little crowded on weekday lunchtime with the nearby offices. I can immediately see why, the main dishes are all rather affordable. Main courses from RM7 (local dishes) to steaks at RM22 or so.

Food Menu
Drinks, Desserts and more

Since I was having lunch alone, I couldn’t sample all the food for a proper food review. Nevertheless, here’s what I ordered…

Fried Kuey Teow (RM7)

Food came quick. Maybe because it was rather empty on this late Saturday afternoon? I’m not complaining.

The Fried Kuey Teow (RM7) was a little too greasy for me. It was fried with egg, vegetables and had tiny chicken chunks in it too. Topping it off, there’s a rather large unshelled prawn. The prawn was way overcooked.

But hey, for RM7 in a nice restaurant like this, can’t complain too much.

I ordered an Iced Lemon Tea with my meal. No pictures, it was like any regular Iced Lemon Tea, maybe a little too sweet. It came pre-sweetened.

Ice Blended French Vanilla Latte (RM10)

Because I have a bit more time to kill, I ordered myself an Ice Blended French Vanilla Latte (RM10). It wasn’t great. It tasted like a Chocolate Milkshake, really.



I didn’t love my meal. I couldn’t hate it, too, simply because it wasn’t too expensive in a setting like this.

I wish I have more people with me to try more of their other dishes. A few dishes that caught my eye includes the Rice dishes like Beef Ginger (RM8) or Western dishes like Grilled Lamb (RM25) or a Sirloin Steak for RM20!

The dessert selection don’t sound that bad, too. Melted chocolate classics like Molten Frost (RM8) sounds good.

Maybe next time, I’ll get to go back for more of the other dishes on the menu. For this kind of pricing, I understand how the office people nearby would cone here regularly for lunch. It’s a nice setting and rather affordable meal.

However, other than the office crowd, I don’t think 10 Binjai does very well. All other times, weekday dinnertime, weekends in general, the place really looks rather quiet.

Have you been to this restaurant? Do you work around this place near Citibank, Ampang Park area? Maybe one day, you should also give it a try and let me know how the other meals are?

Finally Instagram picture of my Fried Kuey Teow again for you…  *wink*


ps. This post is written entirely with WordPress app for Android. Pictures taken and post typed with the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

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