3rd Havana Halloween Costume Party 2012

Once again, another year, another successful annual Havana Halloween Costume Party. A lot of you got dressed in your awesome sauce Halloween costumes and made this another biggest Halloween Costume Party in KL!!!

I’ve finally uploaded some pictures to my WinnieKepala Facebook Page  at http://on.fb.me/VUQIWK

This is my 3rd year organising Havana’s Halloween Costume Party. I’m so grateful and happy for all your support. If you remember, the first year, I came as Jessica Rabbit and last year, I came as one half of a couple’s costume as Duff Girl from The Simpsons. Check out the pictures from last year here.

This year, I came as…. Poison Ivy.

Yeap, I ordered my costume from US, then spent some hours adding on to the costume. I almost destroyed it, but thankfully, I salvaged it for the party.

Some of you had amazing costumes, which unfortunately, didn’t win enough of the crowd’s vote to win Best Dressed costume. Here are some of my favourites…

But our Best Dressed prize, although I shortlisted the contestants, went to the crowd favourite based on the amount of cheers… with a cash prize of cold hard RM1000 cash, went to…

I want to thank the Devilish Divas for their awesome performances.

And my group of friends who came, year after year, with your amazing costumes, topping yourselves every year!!!

Thanks to Havana @ Changkat Bukit Bintang (check out Havana’s Facebook Page for more info and pictures) for allowing me to do this for the 3rd year running, and hopefully, a bigger one next year!

Remember to check out the rest of the pictures on WinnieKepala Facebook Page  (http://on.fb.me/VUQIWK).

[fbalbum url=”https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.458631000853791.120910.101456123237949&type=3″%5D


And all of you who came and help made this a successful and awesome Halloween Costume Party!!! See you all again next year!

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