My History of Mobile Phones (Part 2)

Mobile phones. Mobile phones. Mobile phones. Gadgets like these have consumed my addiction so much, and I’m nowhere done yet. I am still going through phones like crazy. All this with my own hard earned money, not gifts or review phones that I got to keep.

As the number of mobile phones I have owned and used continue to grow as technology and gadgets get more and more advanced. I feel I need to update the list from my last post. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this post I did way back in 2009. >> My history of mobile phones

It was quite a feat back then, when I have to crack my brains to remember all the phones I have ever owned. Looking back at the list now, I still feel I might have missed out something.

Nevertheless, it’s now mid 2012 and I’ll now attempt to continue that list.

Nokia E63

From that post in 2009, I was using the Nokia E63 back then. I retired my work Blackberry Curve 8310 and never went back to BB again. I’ve had enough. The Nokia E63 was a good business phone, really. There were many more E series (E for Enterprise) phones from Nokia throughout that period. But little did I know then, that this would be the beginning of a slow decline for Nokia, who was once the phone manufacturer giant.

In this previous post, I listed a number of phones I have my eye on to get next – Nokia N97, HTC Dream G1, HTC Touch Pro 2 and Palm Pre.  Guess which one I got?

Yeap – as the die hard HTC fangirl, I got the HTC Touch Pro 2.

HTC Touch Pro 2

HTC Touch Pro 2 was an awesome phone for my needs then. It was running on Windows Mobile 6.5 then, a mobile OS that was perfect for me to sync to my work’s Exchange Server to manage my emails, contacts, calendar appointments, etc. Although I was a master of writing at supernatural speed with the stylus (yes, it was capacitive touchscreen best used with stylus r my fingernails), I still prefer typing with a physical keyboard. The HTC Touch Pro 2 was bulky, yes, but it was super powerful or my needs.

I did several blogposts about the HTC Touch Pro 2:-


HTC HD2 was the next Windows Mobile superphone. It was the first phone to tout a massive 4.3″ screen, first to have 1GHz processor, first capacitive multi-touch screen and beautiful metal backplate. For a hard core Windows Mobile user, I just had to get my hands on it. This was what was referred to as a tablet phone at 4.3″ back then.

Check out my blogpost about it > HTC HD2 – the new WinMo beauty!!!

HTC Legend

HTC Legend was a beautifully designed phone from HTC, running on Android OS. This marks the first Android phone I used and also the first capacitive touchscreen I used. Although it was for mid range in specs, it boasts the first time HTC played around with creating a unibody aluminium design for their phones. Of course, I got the red coloured, limited edition version.

This HTC Legend only stayed with me briefly. It was sold to a friend and apparently is still in use today, albeit a bit wonky already.

Here’s a couple of my blogposts on HTC Legend:-

HTC Desire

HTC Desire is the next Android flagship phone. Actually, I had my eye on this phone since the announcement (before it was available for sale) and got the HTC Legend while waiting for this.

The HTC Desire stayed with me the longest I’ve ever had a phone – definitely more than 1.5 years. As a flagship phone and I love the HTC Sense UI, I had a lot of fun learning more and more about Android OS with this phone. The Android OS was upgraded twice from stock Eclair v2.1 to Froyo v2.2 to custom ROM Gingerbread v2.3. Yep, this phone taught me all about rooting my phone and installing loads of custom ROMs from xda-developers.

Samsung Galaxy S II

Samsung Galaxy S II was the next Android superphone that sold crazy amounts all over the world. I actually reviewed the phone first and took my own sweet time to buy the phone much later, when the white version came out. I only made the switch when my HTC Desire was getting a bit laggy and I decided I need to let it go. 😦

The SGS2 served me well. It was painful for me to depart from using HTC but the SGS2 was an awesome phone. It’s 4.3″ screen is no longer crazy big, but just nice in size and zippy in performance.

Check out my review post >> Samsung Galaxy S II Review


HTC One X is of course, the phone that I am using now, for more than 2 months already. Yes, I am extremely happy with it. It is HTC’s latest Android flagship phone. To be honest, I am so happy to get back into using HTC phones. There is something about the build quality and HTC Sense UI that I really love.

At 4.7″ screen, it would’ve been too ridiculous a size just 3 years ago (when a 4.2″ HTC HD2 was massive?). But now, it is quite a standard and is actually a really good size for 2 finger typing but still fits well in your palm. Design wise, not much has changed with HTC phone over the years but hey – not like other manufacturers have any major design breakthrough as well?

Check out my recent review post >> HTC One X User Review


Side Note…

Not forgetting, of course, that I started playing around with tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab (check out my review here), Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (check my review here), Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (review here).

Also, I was fortunate for the opportunity to get to review other Samsung phones like Samsung Wave S8500 (review here), Samsung Galaxy Note (review here), Samsung Galaxy S III (review here) and more.

Yeah, a lot of Samsung devices, huh?


Looking back, I have owned a number of HTC devices already. From the Dopod D810 (before they rebranded their name to HTC), HTC Touch Dual, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC HD2, HTC Legend, HTC Desire and HTC One X.

So, what next? Any new phones that I have my eye on? Will I get a non-HTC phone?

Who knows.. but for now, nothing drool worthy yet for I’m very happy with my HTC One X today.

Will I consider the rumoured iPhone 5?


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