Restaurant Review : Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar @ Gardens

I heard about the new Mexican restaurant in Gardens from some friends recently and been interested to check it out. So, last week when I was in Gardens for date night with Hubby, we decided to have our dinner there to check it out.

Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar is situated at the centre court of Gardens in Midvalley. Right at the other end of the entrance, right next to The Han Room. Yes, it is at quite a hidden corner, not the best location, really.

The Manager informed me that they’ve only been open for a month, so they’re still very very new.



I like the ambiance of the restaurant a lot. It has nice distressed wooden furnishings, with retro light fixtures, Mexican tiled walls and wooden tables and chairs.

Tables and bar at Fresca

As you walk in, you’ll be greeted by the host to show you to your seat.

There’s some booth and solo tables on your left (bottom right pic) and a few more steps in you’ll see the bar on your right (bottom left pic). There are table seating right next to the bar (top right pic) and go deeper in the restaurant through a door opening and there are more seating (top left pic).

I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is a rather big restaurant. The (somewhat) hidden seating area beyond the bar, through the door opening was unexpected. With so many seating area, I can’t help but wonder if the restaurant does more of a lunch crowd than dinner.

On this particular weekend I was there, it wasn’t exactly packed. In its defence, it is 10pm (they close at 11pm) and they are new.

Fresca’s decor has a nice retro, rustic feel with a modern twist

I really like the decor of the restaurant. They even have sombrero’s on display as decoration on the wall. You’d not miss the Mexican feel, for sure.

Every wall you look, it’s different but together, they form a great feel to the place. Some walls are bare concrete with nice down lights, some are covered in diagonal teal coloured Mexican tiles. On one side of the restaurant, there are nice folding doors with wide glass windows with frosted pattern.

Lighting is dim, but not dark. It’s cozy.

Retro hanging lights

The hanging lights on the booth seating are so retro looking. Nice.

Me and Hubby sat next to the bar and started studying the menu.


The Menu

Having had quite a bit of Mexican food and drinks lately (I’ve been frequenting Loco at Changkat Bukit Bintang a lot), we were excited to try Fresca’s offering.

Full Menu at Fresca Mexican (Click to enlarge)

The menu looks rather impressive. They have a great selection of appetisers ranging from Tortilla chips, tacos, ceviche, enciladas, jalapeno poppers and nachos. Main course consists of a mouth watering selection of quesadillas, fajitas, burritos and other courses of fish, steak, lamb, chicken and more.

Drinks menu includes a margarita selection (of course), sangrias (of course), some beers on tap and bottles, cocktails and other non-alcoholic drinks as well.



We ordered the margaritas, obviously…

Classic Margarita on the Rocks, Grande (RM 35)

Hubby went for the Classic El Presidente Margaritas on the rocks, in Grande size. He loved it, finished it so fast and ordered more.

Raspberry Margarita frozen, Grande (RM 35)

I went for the predictable ladies’ margarita – Frozen raspberry margarita. Also in Grande size. It was really nice as well.

They serve Margaritas on the rocks or frozen, in other flavours as well such as Classic, Mango, Raspberry, Kiwi, Watermelon and Jalapeno. Yes, Jalapeno. I imagined it might be an interesting drink that one.

There is also the option for various sizes of margaritas – in a glass, grande (slightly bigger glass) or in a pitcher.

There is also an option for Electric Blue Margarita, that’s mixed with premium tequilas, available in Glass (RM 29) and Grande (RM 39). Something I am tempted to try the next time I go there.

Their “Fresca Creations” cocktails sounds really nice as well, and cost RM 29 per glass.



For appetisers, we ordered the Jalapeno Poppers.

Jalapeno Poppers (RM 16)

The Jalapeno Poppers come perfectly coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried with an abundance of cheese inside. It comes in a small fish of 4 pieces of poppers and some mysterious but delicious dips of something with corn in it. Very nice.

Tacos Ensenada (RM 19)

The fish taco was something Hubby was excited to try. He was really impressed and loved this dish, too. I had a bite. The dark sauce that was served alongside the tacos complimented the dish very well.

Pescado a la Veracruzana (RM 26)

My main course is a fish fillet covered in onions, olives and jalapeno chillies served with a side of white rice and mixed vegetables. The fish wasn’t great, but the sauce made the dish. The side of brocolli and carrots however, were really nice. Properly broiled in chicken stock (I think) it was perfectly cooked and flavourful.

Enchiladas Rojas, Chicken (RM 28)

The enchiladas was served with a side of Mexican red rice (I like) and guacamole. It was a little bit too cheesy, though. Fresca should be an authentic Mexican restaurant, not Tex-Mex. Which means no covering food in cheese. This dish kinda missed the point a little. The enchiladas was covered with too much cheese.



After our appetisers and main course, we moved on to try their delicious sounding dessert menu.

Tequi-lime Pie (RM 15)

I posted a picture on my Instagram about this Tequi-lime Pie. It is a Key Lime Pie, with a swig of tequila infused in it. It looks gorgeous on the plate and tastes awesome in the mouth. Definitely worth checking out.

Churros con Chocolat (RM 13)

Churros – classic Mexican dessert. It’s actually a bit of donut type pastry in the shape of a long “poop”, covered in cinnamon and sugar. It is generously sweet on its own, really. But you dip it in the melted chocolate to add more sinful sweetness.

I Instagram-ed this, too and called it a delicious, chocolate covered dog poop. Hehehe. But seriously, it is delicious.



I am not usually a fan of Mexican food. There are only a handful of dishes that I enjoy from a Mexican menu. However, I like Fresca. I wouldn’t eat here everyday, but on the occasions where I’m picking a Mexican joint, I would recommend Fresca.

The only problem is that they are located inside a shopping mall. Which means, their business hours are confined to the opening hours of Gardens Shopping Mall. They close at 11pm! They are essentially a restaurant that serves good alcohol selection. As I’m guessing, they likely have a bigger lunch crowd.

Personally, with a good selection of margaritas, sangrias and house cocktails, they should consider being open til a much later time, say 1-2am or so. This way, after dinner and meals, they should encourage customers to come for their good Mexican drinks selection.

Price wise, it’s not exactly super cheap for the lunch crowd. Yes, I know that they’re in Gardens and it’s more upmarket than Midvalley, but you can easily spend RM 100 or more per person for a meal of 3 courses and a drink. OK for dinner though. 🙂

Regardless, a nice place to check out if you’re in the area and looking for a nice place to dine.


Contact Details:-
Fresca Mexican Kitchen & Bar
Add : Lot G-242A, Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, Midvalley City, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : + 60 (3) 2201 2893

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