Restaurant Review : ABC @ Troika

ABC (Acme Bar & Coffee) at Troika, KLCC.

This place has been open for business for a few months only. It’s relatively new and it’s still rather obscure at the moment. Nestled in The Troika (the new Sir Norman Foster landmark building) at the skirts of KLCC park. It is possibly the only F&B establishment in the building at the moment.



The place has a nice high end feel to it. Perhaps it’s because the building and furnishing is still new.

Downstairs Dining

The decor is nice and unique. Instead of a flat open space, the restaurant is separated by several steps around the restaurant, dividing the various sections.

Here are some more pictures of the restaurant’s table, decor and ambiance downstairs.

Downstairs Ambiance & Decor

There is a small staircase at the back of the ground floor that leads to more seating upstairs. It’s less of a dining space upstairs as it has some vintage sofas and coffee table. There are still several tables for dining, as well as a bar area. This would be a good location for a private diner of 20 person or so.

Upstairs Dining


The Menu

The menu was simple. Several pieces of paper held together by a clipboard.


Water was served in a col canister looking bottle.

It was really interesting to me that  the wine glasses had no stem. My friends seem to think that it’s unique and not that shocking. Me, on the other hand, can’t seem to shake off the thought, “Isn’t it just a regular rock glass?”


Food & Pricing

Disclaimer : These pictures are taken from 2 separate occasions; first time was date night with Hubby and the second was Sunday dinner with a bunch of friends.

Appetizers range from RM13 – RM31 across dishes from pots and pans, all day breakfast and soups and salads.

Grilled “Bacon” wrapped Snails (RM19)
Salt Egg Yolk Chicken Strips (RM15)

This salted egg yolk chicken was really nice. Regardless of the fact that I love saled egg yolk, the combination of the batter, along with the flavour from the curry leaves was perfect!

Lemongrass Shrimp Wontons (RM17)

Main course comes in a variety of Asian and Western dishes, priced between RM29 to RM79, excluding side dishes.

Roasted Lemon Sole (RM37)
Thai Grilled Chicken Breast (RM39)
Spaghetti Bolognese (RM33)
Sambal Hebi Aglio Olio Spaghetti (RM29)

I am usually not a fan of fusion food. Many a times, the chef and restaurant will always pick a combination of food that don’t traditionally go together (which is the definition of fusion food) and 90% of the time, the combination was just all wrong!

In this case, the “Sambal” spaghetti was surprisingly not too bad. Yes, the combination of these two Asian and Western dish sounds odd. You’d likely think that it tastes like seafood sambal noodles. Well, interestingly, the Westernized pasta flavour was very much in tact. With the twist of the sambal flavour, this dish isn’t a complete miss.

Smoked Duck Rendang Rice (RM37)
Seafood Tom Yam Soup (RM29)

There is a little bit of mee hoon in this Tom Yam soup. It may look like a small portion, but after stuffing ourselves with the appetiser earlier, this soup was quite hearty.

Beef Bourguignon (RM37)

My friend’s Beef Bourguignon came with very little sauce. It was then sent back and came back looking like a hearty stew. Not wanting to send the food back twice, we accepted it. I didn’t try it, but my friend’s feedback was that it wasn’t very good and that she can cook better ones herself at home.

Oh well…

Then, of course, we also ordered side dishes…

Duck Fat Roast Potatoes (RM9)
Rockets, Tomatoes & Artichokes (RM17)


Dessert Selection

Before I came here, I have heard friends rave about the dessert here. I didn’t get to try any desserts the first time I went there. 😦

Walking into the restaurant to your seat, you’d definitely not miss the dessert on display.

The Dessert selection

Although we were all quite stuffed, there is always room for dessert. Well, especially when it’s one of the highlights of ABC and it was right next to our table.

Meringue (RM5 each)
Banana Cake (RM13)
Bounty Cake (RM15)
Chocolate Cake (RM15)



The food wasn’t spectacular. It was OK. What made the place worth the visit is likely the ambiance and the dessert. Personally, this cafe / restaurant is (ahem) very near my place. For me, when I’m looking for a nice place to go to dinner and don’t want to roam too far, I go here.

Having said that, I’ve only been there twice. 😛

I heard from other friends that in the day, the place is worth checking out, as you’d likely enjoy sitting there with a nice cuppa and some sinful dessert. More relaxing that hanging out at Starbucks, for sure!

Have you been to ABC @ Troika? What do you think?


Contact Details:-
Acme Bar & Coffee
Add : Ground Floor at The Troika, Persiaran KLCC, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : + 60 (3) 2162 2288

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