My Twitter Necklace

Those who have already *LIKED* my Facebook Page at would (probably) notice that I have recently updated my Cover Photo with a picture of my new Twitter handle necklace.

Lookie, lookie – I have a custom Twitter necklace with my Twitter handle @WinnieKepala (psst. Follow me on Twitter here)

Yes, I have been eye-ing to get my very own custom Twitter necklace since I read about the company, Survival of The Hippest. Ladies would be familiar with this style of necklaces, famously known as the “Carrie necklace” made famous by Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and the City.

I also had one like that in the late 80s, early 90s. It’s been so many years now and I can’t find a local shop that can custom such necklace anymore. Well, maybe there is, but I can’t be bothered to go hunt for one.

So, The Hippest (follow them on Twitter here) folks come to the rescue. They offer these custom Twitter necklace in silver (from USD$ 49.95) or gold (from USD$ 89.95). Other than Twitter necklaces, they also offer other accessories like anklets, keychains, bracelets, pins and tie clips.

*Image Source : Survival of the Hippest

After less than 10 days of confirming my order from the site (I’m so used to ordering stuff from US), I received the small parcel from them along with some Thank You note, brochures and my custom Twitter necklace!!!




I love the necklace so much, it’s almost my daily jewelry now. Thanks a billion to the folks at The Hippest. *grin* You like?

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