Stand Up Comedy in KL

Have you seen stand up comedy before? Was it on TV or a live performance? Have you seen any LIVE stand up comedy shows in KL?

Let me introduce you to the local stand up comedy scene… with the amazing guys of The Comedy Club KL.


The Comedy Club KL (Asian Leg)

The Comedy Club KLI have been watching The Comedy Club KL shows since they started the first season in Velvet Underground, Zouk Club in 2010 (I think). The current show is on it’s 3rd Season, happening at various locations ranging from dinner, theatre or club shows. Personally, I have always caught the club shows.

The various seasons of The Comedy Club KL includes amazing local and (mostly) international stand up comics from USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Australia, etc. I have seen some great and amazing acts such as Sugar Sammy and Paul XXX These amazing comedians go on a SEA tour where they stop by Singapore and then over to KL for a few nights a week here. They also tend to stop at other cities in the region like Cambodia, Thailand, Jakarta, etc.

Each season has a show every month (it’s currently just finished their Feb 2012 show) and the next one will be in March 2012. The line-up includes 3 acts (usually) and information on the show, tickets, locations, comedians, etc are updated on their sites and Facebook Pages.

Check out The Comedy Club KL website at and please *LIKE* their Facebook page at


Comedy Kao Kao

Comedy Kao KaoOther than these international show, the amazing organisers also operates another series of stand up comedy shows more for the local scene. Aiming to introduce this to the local market and showcase some new talents in the stand up comedy scene – there’s Comedy Kao Kao.

I just discovered this series of show, where it’s held at The Bee, Publika, Solaris Dutamas for a more local crowd. The agenda includes usually 3 highlight acts and 7 Open Mic performances. The 3 highlight acts are usually local comedians, with great local jokes that will guarantee to make you laugh.

Each season has a show every second Thursday of the month (it’s currently also just finished their Feb 2012 show) and the next one will be on 8th March 2012. Information on the show, tickets, locations, comedians, etc are updated on their Facebook Page.

Check out and please *LIKE* their Facebook page at


Inspired by the great acts I see for over 2 years now at The Comedy Club KL at Velvet Underground, on one show, I heard the announcement of the host on their next Open Mic performances. After a few challenges from some friends (it started as a bet) and lots of deliberating on my part… well – I decided to give it a go.

I never shy away from challenges. I believe you constantly need to step out of your comfort zone and try new things. You’d never know if it was something that you could potentially be good at? Or maybe you might learn something from the experience, or meet new and great people? I was previously an emcee before, so I have no issues with public speaking. But to tell jokes that will make people laugh with me? Well, that’s a different thing.

Once I emailed the organisers and found out that I only needed to fill a 3 minute long set, I was sold. 3 minutes didn’t seem too scary. I was starting to gather materials in my head already.

In less than a week after confirming my slot in the Open Mic Stand Up Comedy performance on 9th Feb 2012 (Thursday) at The Bee, Publika – I announced it to my friends and family on my Facebook (“*LIKE* my Facebook page here) and Twitter (follow me on Twitter here). I got a handful of friends who came to support me. Smile Or maybe to see me fail in public???

Honestly, days leading up to the show night, I had a couple of sleepless nights. I was so nervous on the actual night, I can puke! Again, it’s not the public speaking, it’s trying to make people laugh. Minutes to my turn on stage, I was nervous as hell. But once I started, after my first few sentences, I calmed down and just let it all flow…


My first ever Stand Up Comedy act

Check out the video recording of my first ever (also possibly my one and only performance) for the Open Mic Stand Up Comedy show here.


How do you think I did?

After it was all over and I watched the recording back a million times, I know I have analysed it to death. Overall, it wasn’t great. Neither was it a total failure. Honestly, I am quite happy about how it all went down. especially for a first-timer. And compared to some other Open Mic first-timers that night. Most importantly, I wasn’t boo-ed off the stage. *phew*

Now, a week after the performance, I am still thinking of ways I could’ve improved on my performance. I know I should let it go already… Which, funnily, how some of those who came to see me live (my husband, especially) is egging me to do it again. He thinks I didn’t do too bad, I should try again and with more shows, I might have something here.

What do you think?

Note : I want to, once again, thank those who came to support me : Geoff, Rosli, Iain, Shirley, Stella, Lynette. Thank you all for the support, I hope you all laughed, for me. Open-mouthed smile

7 thoughts on “Stand Up Comedy in KL

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  1. Hi winnie, I actually had the chance to see you perform live that day. One thing that stood out was your confidence, and I guess that’s because you have done public speaking before 🙂 I love your confidence and the fact you owned the stage was good! Even though the crowd may not have gotten your jokes at certain moments, I think you still had the confidence to go on and that’s what seperates good amateur comedians from bad ones 🙂 

    I think an area of improvement would be to never “kutuk” the crowd, especially if you’re a first-timer. You want the crowd to like you and root for you and from what I observe, the CKK crowd is generally very supportive. So until the crowd and the audience gets familiar with you and are comfortable with you, don’t try to go after them. p.s – I have done standup comedies myself so just passing along some friendly advice from my own observations 🙂 


    1. Thank you so much for your advise. It was a fun experience for me, especially when I got to meet the other comics.

      I have the utmost appreciation for the professional. I don’t know if I will do it again though.


  2. I think it was great…i just wet my pants…from laughing ok haha.. xD.

    My first time was comedy kao kao too..don’t worry do more and you’ll be in awe.

    Keep WINNIE’ing !! m/~_’m/

    by the way the names Aw…Aaron Aw.. *007 background music*


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